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AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 02-27-2018

Wasn't sure where else to put this, so have created a thread dedicated to it. Basically, Italian football has women's teams, but until now it's been limited in size (12 teams at this point) and none of the biggest clubs were really involved. However, I think last year Juve set up a team and others are following suit.

Apparently Milan have also announced the formation of a women's team (I can't seem to find an official confirmation though) and are taking steps to get the team together.

Looks like the idea is to simply buy Brescia, who have won Serie A in the last two seasons.

Filippo Galli is overseeing the negotiations, though early signs seem positive with it potentially costing around 1m. That leads to another interesting point. There was a recent appointment in the club for a new head of the youth set up, which Galli previously ran. Apparently the club appreciated his work and were looking to get him in a new role. Looks like that role is in setting up the women's side.

This whole thing is a bit weird, as I would have thought it would have been something that was publicised more. I know women's football in Italy isn't great, but I've literally seen nothing about Milan's team prior to today.

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - porcho - 02-28-2018

they're likely waiting to finalise things to then make a big deal about it... Not sure about Italy but womens football in Portugal has been growing massively. and same thing here in Australia.

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 02-28-2018

A lot of other countries have made steps forward in women's domestic football. Italy in this regard is behind other nations, but it looks like big teams setting up teams means they will be following suit.

While at this point in time I don't extensively follow women's football, it will be good to see it gain traction.

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - somedevil - 02-28-2018

In today's PC times, it's a controversial opinion but honestly, women's football is pretty bad. It makes MLS look like Champions League.

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 02-28-2018

I don't think many will argue about the lower quality of the women's game, but it's funding is comparatively a joke compared to the men's game (including MLS), so quality suffers as a result.

That said, it's made big strides forward in recent years, garnering much more attention and growth than it has had in the past. Progress will take time, but it would be nice to see professional women's football to reach mass market appeal.

Just a little insight, I saw a documentary in England about the women's game here and apparently back around WWII it was bigger than the men's game. Political and social factors played a part in it basically being destroyed.

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 02-28-2018

Brescia officially denied the rumour of selling the side to Milan

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 06-01-2018

huh, seems the story hasn't died and Milannews reports that this deal to basically buy Brescia might be on to go ahead

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 06-13-2018

I'm guessing no one really cares, but we have a women's team after buying out Brescia

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - Arildonardo - 06-13-2018

And from

So maybe we can finally win the Serie A again...  Devilcool

RE: AC Milan Women's Team - ACMILAN1983 - 06-22-2018

So it's officially announced that Carolina Morace will coach the female side. She's apparently one of the great Italian players on the women's game (having played for a Milan side) and was the first female coach to coach a professional men's side.

Unfortunately, I think Mirabelli said the dumbest thing he could in her unveiling as apparency when asked about the reason for choosing her, he joked she was the only person he knew.