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Club World Cup - reza - 05-15-2018

FIFA has been trying to get into a club tournament business that makes money for them ala CL. The idea of a club world cup has been making the discussions for many years. It seems that is closer to reality.

The thinking is 24 clubs playing a tournament every four years starting in 2021. Some of this, at least early on, could be by invitation and if so Milan would be one. There would be millions to make every four years.

Obviously an expanded version of the one that now happens in December of every year.

RE: Club World Cup - Sampinjon - 05-15-2018

Sounds interesting ,let's see what will happen.

RE: Club World Cup - slifersd - 05-15-2018

Aren't soccer players pretty burned out from their schedule as it is? More tournaments in the offseason sounds like it's just going to burn out the players even more and lead to more injuries and potentially shortening of careers.

RE: Club World Cup - artand - 05-15-2018

now, i dont care if we qualify for the CL. Big Grin

RE: Club World Cup - nefremo - 05-15-2018

The money mentioned about this is huge. One report even said the winner will make 150mil. 

Obviously FIFA is trying to get a piece of the pie. Nobody cares about the current version of the tournament so they are trying to change it.

RE: Club World Cup - reza - 05-15-2018

Yes true, huge.
Considering how we are doing we need good lobbying to make sure some invite places are available not just 'recent' winners Sad

RE: Club World Cup - nefremo - 05-16-2018

Well if Real Madrid keeps winning, we really aren't that far down the list of "recent" winners. Big Grin

RE: Club World Cup - ACMILAN1983 - 05-16-2018

I'm for a proper club world cup, the current iteration of the competition really isn't much.

Being invited to the first iteration in 2021 is great too, it gives us a clear objective to aim for to really be competitive at the highest level.

RE: Club World Cup - nefremo - 05-16-2018

If this sticks, I wonder what the qualification process will after the 1st edition.

Clearly FIFA will want thw biggest clubs and the biggest names to participate in order to market it for big money, so I can imagine them saying "we'll take the last 4 CL finalists, last 4 Libertadores finalists", etc. 

It will create a problem for them though. Inevitably, any option they choose will result in big clubs missing out on the tournament, which in turn means loss of interest from fans.

RE: Club World Cup - AC_Troy - 05-27-2018

Wasn't sure where to put this

Milan have fallen to 86th place in UEFA’s European rankings.

How the fuck?