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Portuguese Primeira Liga - reza - 12-05-2011

"Manchester City have been warned that they will have to pay a world-record £88 million if they wish to sign FC Porto striker Hulk in the January transfer window."

Rumours and demands are out of hand Devilol

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - ACM2022 - 12-05-2011

That's a lot of bananas. Grinundwech

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - ACM2022 - 05-04-2012

It is official. We are not the poorest club in the world. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Quote:UD Leiria field eight players against Feirense

As a result of mass resignations earlier in the week, the Portuguese Liga side were forced to name a starting line-up of less than 11 men

Apr 30, 2012 11:57:00 PM
By Livio Caferoglu

UD Leiria started Sunday's Portuguese Liga fixture against Feirense with only eight players on the pitch after 16 squad members rescinded their contracts over delays in salary payments.

On Saturday, the country's professional football players' union said that the match would not take place, but Leiria scraped together a team consisting of youth players and Benfica loanees.

Leiria fought bravely before Feirense broke the deadlock at the end of the first half. They then went on to win the match 4-0.

After the game, Leiria president Joao Bartolomeu told the press that midfielder Alphousseyni Keita, who was expected to take part in the match, stole a suitcase full of money from the club moments before kick-off.

"Keita took possession of €6,000 that was in a suitcase, stole the money and ran away with his football kit still on," Bartolomeu said.

"He had someone in a car outside [the stadium] waiting for him and we reported the incident to the police."

Leiria are currently rock-bottom in the Portuguese Liga and have avoided being punished with automatic relegation and a fine by putting a team out on Sunday.

The Portuguese Professional Football League is studying new financial protection mechanisms to avoid a repeat of the situation.

A spokesperson for the body also said that the ongoing debt crisis in the country has severely impacted the finances of Portuguese football clubs.

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - reza - 06-17-2017

[Image: 19228559_103301713589073_6462498081811202048_n.jpg]

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - sylrus - 06-18-2017

rui does his job beautifully, where is coentrao now?

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - am I Milan enough? - 06-18-2017

(06-18-2017, 04:40 AM)sylrus Wrote: rui does his job beautifully, where is coentrao now?

Still owned by RM I believe..

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - reza - 04-06-2018

"Sporting’s firebrand president Bruno de Carvalho took to Facebook to vent his frustration shortly after the match, singling out several members of the team for heavy criticism. Today the players responded – also via the social networks – and the upshot is that 18 of the first-team squad have been served immediate suspensions. According to the Portuguese press, the B-team will be used in Sporting’s league game at home to Paços de Ferreira on Sunday."

Fun team, fun times lol

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - Sleeping Giant - 08-16-2020

Benfica has signed Luca Waldschmidt, Vertheghon, Pedrinho, Everton and now closing in on Cavani Angel  WTF!!

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - reza - 08-16-2020

Their president sabotaged his own team last season and now he has en election coming up Big Grin

RE: Portuguese Primeira Liga - ACM2022 - 08-17-2020

(08-16-2020, 10:45 PM)Sleeping Giant Wrote: Benfica has signed Luca Waldschmidt, Vertheghon, Pedrinho, Everton and now closing in on Cavani Angel  WTF!!

Why do they want to waste money? The Bela Guttmann curse is still in effect.  Icon_lol2