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Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - AC_Troy - 02-01-2019


Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - rossonero_mne - 02-01-2019


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RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - xudong - 02-01-2019

Important game. I am happy that Roma is missing half their midfielders and that Alisson is no longer playing for them.

I don't need a big victory. Just a victory would be nice.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - artand - 02-01-2019

A victory. Nothing else will satisfy me. A brace by Piatchenko

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - nefremo - 02-01-2019

A win would be huge here. Obviously good for the table, but also on psychological level. We can get into such confidence that spurs a winning run of several games. We haven't had a run like that in ages. Sure feels that way at least. On the other hand, another loss by Roma especially at home and to a direct rival will surely throw them in deep crisis.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - WCmilan - 02-01-2019

After they lost 7-1, De Francesco's job is 10000% on the line, but not only - they'll do anything to redeem some dignity after that coppa italia match imo. Not to mention, they're currently our most direct rival for 4th place sitting a point beneath us & they play at home.
This game will be a massive test of character. I know even if we lose it's still possible to make CL, but it will be a big statement if we won. Like nefremo said above, if we win I feel like we'll finally break this awful mentality of recent years. It does feel like forever since we've had a consistent run of wins.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - xudong - 02-01-2019

What a joke. Two match ban for 'language'. Nothing for spitting, which wasn't even mentioned. He will be 'banned' in Coppa Italia next season when Roma started with facing some lowly sides. What a joke.

I was even hoping that he would receive a comprehensive ban for this extremely unsportsmanlike behavior. This is truly a slap on the wrist.

Quote:Confirmed: Dzeko fined & banned

By Football Italia staffRoma striker Edin Dzeko has been given a two-match Coppa Italia ban and fined €10,000 for his misconduct against Fiorentina on Wednesday.

Roma’s official Twitter page confirmed Dzeko had been punished for ‘using offensive language to protest a decision of the referee’ during the Giallorossi’s 7-1 hammering by Fiorentina in the quarter-finals.
However, the Bosnian is free to face Milan in Serie A this Sunday as the charges relate to a different competition.
It comes after a video clip emerged of the striker appearing to spit at referee Gianluca Manganiello, although that was never conclusive.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - nefremo - 02-01-2019

How is it possible that the Super up suspensions carry to the league but the Copa don't???

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - xudong - 02-01-2019

I am not sure. My guess is that SuperCoppa can be linked to both Serie A and Coppa Italia.

What shocks me the most is that spitting to the referee's face leads to only two match ban. Should have easily been a five or ten match ban, or two-month ban.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - AC_Troy - 02-01-2019

meanwhile Radu gets a four match ban