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RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Nicolas - 02-03-2019

Hate to say it but Bakayoko has been bad today. He is way too confident that he can muscle through the Roma players and it hasn’t paid off.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Acmir - 02-03-2019

Bakayoko also had a bad game, very careless with the ball.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Nicolas - 02-03-2019

Awful match. If it hadn’t been for Piatek/Paqueta and Donnarumma we would have lost.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Ryo - 02-03-2019

Fucking hell I want to shoot this referee...

4 points from Roma does not make me happy.

The only good thing about this match is that we've finished with Roma and Napoli now, and our next five games should be maximum points or bust.
If we manage to take all 15 points, then we can talk about hosting Merda to overtake them...

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - AC_Troy - 02-03-2019

I'll take the point

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - reza - 02-03-2019

Ref was the worst on the pitch but at least 3 of our players and coach not much better.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Nicolas - 02-03-2019

Suso and Hakan were beyond pathetic, Calabria and Bakayoko were unusually bad. Even with the god awful performance by the referee we should have done much better against this shaky Roma side.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Nicolas - 02-03-2019

(02-03-2019, 10:27 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: I'll take the point

The point is itself is okay, the way it was achieve is far from okay.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - nefremo - 02-03-2019

This referee just possibly cost us 3 points. We should have had a PK and Pellegrini should have been sent off.

About our players....
Musacchio made a mistake on the goal, but he had a decent game other then that.

Calabria was not good today, especially in the first half.

Suso and Calhanoglu were terrible. Calhanoglu seems incapable of moving the ball vertically. He shits his pants every time he has it, so he just plays it backwards. Whenever he decides to move it vertically (once or twice a game), he losses it anyway.
Suso? This is Suso, great 2 months every season. The other 6 months are followed by absolute trash.

Kessie is Kessie. This is him. This is his ability. If you are satisfied with it, then fine. But don't expect to be winning/challenging for league titles when you have a player like that in your midfield.

Bakayoko needs to learn that he can't get away from trouble with his dribble every time. Especially not in the 90th minute.

Donnarumma was exceptional. So was Piatek, as he got 1 half chance and scored a goal.

Paqueta is still settling in, but he played well. He can be hot or cold, but it's what you would expect from a young Brazilian playing his 3rd Serie A game ever.

Romagnoli was solid again. Excellent performance.

Rodriguez did well defending, but nothing going forward.

Shame that we couldn't win on that last gasp Laxalt chance.

We did not play well. We didn't create any chances. Our play in the final third is garbage. But a point away to Roma is a point well earned. Keeps us in 4th and even puts Inter within grasp.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - honsano - 02-03-2019

So Bakayoko has always had a loose touch and problems with making 20m passes. Teams are just going to collapse the midfield on him to exploit this. Suso and Cahanoglu were terrible. Red though missed a clear second yellow and good lord a penalty kick in front of his face