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RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Acmir - 02-03-2019

Wow Donnaruma amazing two saves.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Nicolas - 02-03-2019

Boy does Zaniolo have talent, he is clearly still a bit rough but he is such an elegant player when he glides through our players.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - nefremo - 02-03-2019

Fuck Suso! Lazy piece of shit. Does not want to pressure the ball. Free cross in and only Gigo miracle saving us.

Who the fuck does Suso think he is!!???? Defend!!

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Nicolas - 02-03-2019

Donnarumma has been saving our asses week in and week out lately. Boy has he picked up his game this season.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - reza - 02-03-2019

Weird game, Roma very much struggling with simple stuff like we have been at times in recent seasons.
Calhanoglu remains shockingly bad. Kessie not as bad as recent months but still he has no clue offensively. Donnarumma saving us.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - drucurl - 02-03-2019

Good snek

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Karl08 - 02-03-2019

Suso lost sprinting against a 33 years old fullback with ball in possessionDevilol

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - ACM2021 - 02-03-2019

Donnarumma is earning his pay.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - Ryo - 02-03-2019

Decent half. We slowly brought ourselves into the game and took over the midfield. After our goal, we kind of invited Roma to attack a bit too much. Hopefully Gattuso will rectify that in the second half.

I can see us getting a second goal and them capitulating.
Fingers crossed.

RE: Roma vs. Milan 2/3/19 - nefremo - 02-03-2019

I hope Gattuso tells Suso off! On 3 occasions in this half his bullshit almost cost us.

1. Receives the ball at the midfield facing our own goal with a player on his back pressuring him. He has Musacchio right in front of him all free and instead of dropping the ball simply to Musacchio, he held it and tried to dribble. Lost the ball and almost cost us a goal. I believe we ended up giving a corner kick.
2. Lazy ass defending on Kolarov and gave up a foul because of it right on the edge of our box. You could tell that he didn't want to defend there and just stood up. No matter what Kolarov did, Suso was going to give up the foul due to his lazy attitude in defending.
3. Ball goes back just, instead of moving up and sprinting to pressure the ball, he just walked up like a lazy shit letting Roma have an absolutely FREE cross into our box. Only a Gigio double intervention saved us from conceding a goal