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RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - sylrus - 03-25-2012

(03-25-2012, 01:16 AM)Warro Bantan Wrote:

Can someone email that ^ article to Allegri?

im thinking about the 1st game this season in the group
and what i imagine is
we are outdone by barca
although the score is 2-2
we didnt play our game
lots of miss pass
and our goal didnt come from a good play
rather from a blitz attack from pato and corner by silva
we didnt outdone barca
and this will be worrying for me
1 thing for sure
barca do have a good teamwork on defense
may the god with ac milan

i just saw the poll
and yes i still want a win despite all this injury

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - Best-Pundit - 03-25-2012

So this is the potential AC Milan side to face Barcelona:


Bonera Nesta Mexes Mesbah/Zambro

Aqulani/Urby Ambro Nocerino/Seedorf


Ibrahimovic EL92/Urby



Abate Nesta Silva Mexes

Aqulani MVB Nocerino


Ibrahimovic Pato

3-4 absolute key players of the first team are missing. Barca will be without 1-3 first team player. I think AC Milan will get some kind of super natural luck in the game now to make things even Sagrin

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - tim_milan - 03-25-2012

Nervous about this one....nevertheless you ve got to beat the best to be THE BEST. Barca i think are the best team in the world right now with Messi....and u pull him out of the Barca setup and they are a pretty ordinary side upfront....their midfield is WC and their defence is pathetic.....Milan on the other hand have a WC attack plauged by injuries....a pathetic midfield again plagued by injuries....a great defence also plagued by injuries and the best man TS of all is out of action. I am not sure how we are going to pull this one out but i want to feel optimistic about our chances. I hope we do not concede too many goals that will give them an away advantage....Also i want Ibra as good as he may be, i hope and really hope this one last time that he will step up and prove his critics that he can be a big game player.

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - Dublinista - 03-25-2012

Ashamed to say it but I think barca will win 3-0 at least. A sluggish ambrosini against the barca midfield??
The best we can hope for is to park the bus and just defend defend for both legs and hope it goes to penalties.

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - ElMago99 - 03-25-2012

First Half:

Urby - Ambrosini - Aquilani - Nocerino
Antonini - Mexes - Nesta - Bonera
---------------- Abbiati ----------------------

Given absences of MVB & T. Silva, I think it's better to go with a 4 man midfield+Boateng behind Ibra. If we need a goal we can always go for a bit more adventurous lineup:

---Nocerino - Ambrosini - Aquilani -------
Antonini - Mexes - Nesta - Bonera
---------------- Abbiati ----------------------

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - ACM2022 - 03-25-2012

We should use power (the raw kind of power) to play Barcelona. There is no way that we could outplay them technically, so we may as well try something different; like what Inter Milan did two years ago when they surprised the world.

Too bad Muntari, Gattuso, Flamini are not CL listed, and there goes three of our butchers.

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - Aficio - 03-25-2012

It will rain, and the Barca kids will fall in the infamous San Siro Big Grin

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - ACM2022 - 03-25-2012

I hope that it pours nonstop for 3 or 4 weeks, so that we could have Silva back when it finally stops.

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - Dha Brain - 03-25-2012

Remember guys barcelona did give up 3 goals to Granada haha , that's like beating Novara 5 - 3

RE: AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012) - ACM2022 - 03-25-2012

the odds are totally against us. this season must be the most ridiculous one when it comes to injuries. I don't remember a worse one. Honestly, as long as we have Ibrahimovic, van Bommel and Silva available, we would have a chance, now 2 are out of the first leg, and Silva will miss both. Wallbang