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RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - ACM2020 - 12-15-2011

(12-15-2011, 05:03 PM)Stitch Wrote: Jesus, how can he not be good? Amen Big Grin


Is that why he won't come to us? 'cause we are the devils? Devilol

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - brasileiro - 12-16-2011

(12-05-2011, 06:57 PM)Stitch Wrote: He's ignoring you guys Big Grin

Sorry guys, very busy right now, but at the weekend I will answer it here...

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - brasileiro - 01-08-2012

(11-16-2011, 10:47 PM)Eric86 Wrote: Thanks for the reply it is kind of refreshing to have another view on a player ...

Alright some new questions firstly has Bebeto mathues son featured for Flamengo this season I can't tell as he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page which is kind of odd. secondly if he has is he any good the only view i have heard on him came from Fernando Duarte and he pretty much said he heard rumours that this is quality but is being type cast because of his father, personally i would find it highly entertaining to see bebeto child come though as well as mazinho kids that 80/90s brazil side would seem to keep giving in terms of memorable football and great footballing genetics. Additionally i would also like to ask if Avai William could be a reasonable option for milan to consider as a striking option in the mercato.
You´re welcome, Eric.

Can´t help with Bebeto´s son. Never saw the boy playing...sorry.

Regarding William from Avai, if thats is the CF you´re asking me, no way! LOL
A big CF, but thats it. Came from Santos academy, at the same time of Robinho, Diego, Alex, Elano, Renato but never impressed. Average player...
(11-17-2011, 11:04 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: thanks as always brasileiro, your insight is always great. I'm mostly curious to hear about these guys because I've heard about them elsewhere. I will be interested in learning more about them tactically in the future.

Btw, are there any good options in Brazil for the Van Bommel/Ambro role as DM in front of defence. Right now I think this is a position that's really difficult to fill.
You´re welcome, ACOkmilan

With some experience in pro football, imo only Arouca right now. He was amazing at this role one year ago, I´m a fan.

Now, if you want to get a prospect, Internacional has 2 players that fit this role and they have HUGE potential. Both were at Brazil under-17 NT... Rodrigo Dourado is dubbed as the "new Falcão"(the king of Roma), and Marlon Bica that is a starter for every Brazil´s youth teams since I remember. Both are hyped a lot, and they deserve the praises, but I can´t deny that I saw more impressive displays by Marlon than Rodrigo.

Found it about Rodrigo Dourado #5, but didn´t watch so, don´t know if it´s worth the time:

And now Marlon Bica #8 (first video with a big hair):

Second he´s #10, btw, Marlon already cut that hair:

Almost forgot, this young player also impressed me last season in Brasileirao: Wellignton from Sao Paulo. Some impressive displays.
Just found this amazing goal against my team:

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - Hitman - 01-08-2012

whenever you get the chances Brasiliero, I'd like you to express your opinion on Pato's performance lately and what you think the problem (if there is one) might be and how to solve it?

and lastly, what do u think Tevez coming to Milan means for Pato/Robinho?

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - brasileiro - 01-08-2012

(12-01-2011, 04:38 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: Sorry for the double post, but having recently found out Portuguesa are in Serie B, I'm a little apprehensive about whether he's actually ready for Europe now. Either way, interesting player.

Also Brasileiro, I finally took your advice and saw Pele Eterno today. If I'm honest I didn't think it was a particularly great movie (it wasn't particularly well made imo), but the footage of Pele was superb and there's a lot to learn from him. I've seen full matches of his before (mostly from 1970 world cup), but after watching this documentary, it really drilled home how complete a player he was. Right foot, left foot, heading, pace, power, strength, agility, technique and vision, there was almost no flaw to his game (at least in an attacking sense). Thanks for recommending it, just watching the footage was a joy. I would recommend it to any football fan out there too, as it may not be the best film around, but you get to see a lot of a true football genius.
Yep, I didn´t had a chance to see the guy playing at Portuguesa. Let´s see if I can do it this year.

Regarding Pele Eterno, you´re right it isn´t well made and I should have alerted you. lol

But I´m glad you could concentrate on the footage. Some of the plays and goals he did against MIlan and Benfica European champs teams were amazing. Another things always overlooked when the subject is Pele are the conditions of the pitches and the ball at that time, terrible!!! Watching the footage you can imagine how hard was to control that type of ball at those conditions and do what the amazing things he did at full speed.

Plus, I don´t know if it got your eyes, but the type(and amount) of fouls Pele received(at every game, even at World Cup) at that time is also overlooked. Defenders didn´t even get a card! Amazing... Just imagine Messi or C. Ronaldo(the best today) being hunted like that nowadays? 3 or 4 red cards a game...

The "tabelas"(one-two) at the legs of the the defenders were crazy, too. Out of this world...
(12-05-2011, 06:34 PM)boban1978 Wrote: hii,wish from u to name the brazilian players and their positions in brazil that are ready now to play for our big team also are going to shine.second in your opinion u see tevez better damiao?can we find new serginhio now in brazil?
Ready now for the jump for a big team? Dede, Mario Fernandes, Arouca, Lucas, Ganso, Neymar, L. Damião... I have no doubt I´m forgetting someone, but they are the ones that I remember now. Not saying for Milan, but they are more ready for a big team in Europe than others players that are more prospects, imo...
(12-13-2011, 06:09 PM)ElMago99 Wrote: Apparently we've made an offer for Juan Jesus, a Left Back/Center Back from Internacional.

Is he any good, Brasilieiro?
More a CB than a LB... not bad, but I´m not impressed as others. Kid is really a little rough around the edges, and needs a little of guidance. Saws this boy getting some stupid red cards several times at Internacional and Brazil youth teams.

Rumor here is that Inter is bidding for him, and maybe he became world class there, but like with Coutinho in the past, Imo it´s still early to buy him. Just potential at the moment and if it was only for potential, the Uruguay under 17 CB(and captain) that I´m trying but can´t remember the name right now, is a much more impressive prospect. That boy can be World Class. I will try to remember his name...

The only defenders I would be glad if Milan purchased here would be Dede or M. Fernandes.

(12-15-2011, 05:18 PM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote: I can't find him in FM 2012. How old is he?

(12-15-2011, 05:03 PM)Stitch Wrote: Jesus, how can he not be good? Amen Big Grin
You´re on fire on this threadOkmilan LOL

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - Hitman - 01-08-2012

Brasiliero, I think you meant Sebastian Coates, who plays for Liverpool now.

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - brasileiro - 01-09-2012

(01-08-2012, 05:07 PM)Hitman Wrote: whenever you get the chances Brasiliero, I'd like you to express your opinion on Pato's performance lately and what you think the problem (if there is one) might be and how to solve it?

and lastly, what do u think Tevez coming to Milan means for Pato/Robinho?
Hi, my friend. How are you doing?

As Brazilian I want Pato out of Milan ASAP! He can´t make 5 or 6 games in a row without the same freaking leg injure. Always in the same place and thats is delaying his development...

I´m a HUGE detractor of Milan LAB and I want Pato ready for 2014 world Cup... Can not see it happening at Milan anymore. Plus, it´s funny how Allegri is "tough" with Pato or Robinho, even at the press, and is so soft with Ibra. Last season Ibra anthics and reds card almost cost us the title, but I can not find one single quote of Allegri being tough when Ibra deserved. If there´s one, I apologize in advance...

As a Milan fan, I don´t want to see our mgt selling Pato because, in my opinion, when he land at other Club, with a better "LAB" to work with, we will regreat the move. Just my opinion one more time...

Regarding Tevez, can´t see how Allegri will make all(Ibra, Robinho, Pato, tevez) happy so, I think we will sell one of them, if not both. Unfortunately...

Tevez is well know. He had created problems at Corinthians, M. United, M. City, Argentine NT... Can´t believe our fans want him at Milan. We don´t need him to win Scudetto and Allegri doesn´t have the courage for us to win C. League. So, why bring this guy to Milanello? Tevez is a head case, a time bomb... Save this money for a guy that will be in Milan for a long time.

We are looking like São Paulo when they got Adriano(the fat one) to play there from Inter. They, arrogant as they are, bragged about the ideia that an organized and familiar Club like Sao Paulo(much like Milan) would bring the best out of Adriano. LOL... the history tell how that familiar and well organized environment helped to bring the best out of Adriano.

We can sell Pato or Robinho? All right... But not for a time bomb like Tevez. If thats is the case, bring a big name that will not ask to leave the club in the near future with the same lame excuse.
(01-08-2012, 11:56 PM)Hitman Wrote: Brasiliero, I think you meant Sebastian Coates, who plays for Liverpool now.
No my friend, it´s a young boy, maybe at 18 year old now. Impressive young CB. Wow!

He was bald at south America under-17, but was with hair the Mexico Word Cup under-17
Just found his name at the FIFA under-17 Mexico World Cup site:
Emiliano Velazquez. Impressive young CB... only that I saw making it hard for Ademilson, Brazil next world class CF.

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - brasileiro - 01-09-2012

(11-17-2011, 01:25 PM)drucurl Wrote: Hey Brasileiro...sorry to be such a pest but you didn't answer my you like Adryan for Milan? is he better than Oscar? Thanks sooo much in advance. And great work sir
I thought I had answer, Dru... sorry

Adryan is amazing! Plus, keep in mind he was one of the youngest players at the under-17 Wc in Mexico. Adryan also played Copa São Paulo de Juniors last season at just 16 year old, and won. Shame it was against my team.

Having said that, he´s too young(age and boy wise) to take a risk, unless falamengo accepts a cheap bid. Pato was 16 when Milan paid for him, but was a different 16 years old. He was leading Internacional pro team. Adrian is yet to have a role at Flamengo pro team. But he´s worth to keep an eye... no doubt.

Who is better, Adryan or Oscar? Well, talent wise Adryan has more, but Oscar is no slouch... Plus, Oscar is showing it at the pro level. Another thing that helps Oscar is his work rate and versatility.

Hope to have helped...

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - Beppe - 01-17-2012

@ Brasileiro, what do you think of Alexander Merkel and Stephan El Shaarawy?

RE: Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout - reza - 01-31-2012

Brasileiro, Any info on Lucas Roggia? Thanks