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Prawar Plan... - Ace - 07-12-2013

I've been hesitant to post about this for a long time, because I know we're trying to stay away from politics... but I believe this far exceeds politics...

Israeli government's Prawar Plan Intends to evacuate thousands of Palestinians/Arabs that are living in the Negev Desert, demolishing their homes and leaving them with nowhere to go to, thus leaving them homeless!

Palestinians that still live in Israel decided to go on a full scale strike next Monday (15/7/2013), which last happened in 30 March 1976...
There will be clashes, massive arrests, and also a full scale media blackout in Israel that day!

Hope you help us spread the word, or at-least keep an eye on the news... that's the least you can do to support us Wink

you can read more here:

Enjoy your summer vacation, and have a nice mercato discussion Big Grin

PS: I won't get into any kind of discussion/argument about this... have a nice day Wink

RE: Prawar Plan... - Ace - 07-16-2013

Something you won't see on TV...

RE: Prawar Plan... - ZvonimirBoban - 07-20-2013

Finally nothing happened at all HuhHuh

RE: Prawar Plan... - Ace - 07-23-2013

no actually still going...

30 arrested so far, including hundreds of injuries...

*told you there will be a media blackout Wink

RE: Prawar Plan... - ZvonimirBoban - 07-25-2013

No such thing as media blackout in this age, especially in an area so big and so crowded like that..

RE: Prawar Plan... - Ace - 07-25-2013

well yeah... come tell the Shen Ben (FBI) about this Smile)

and you can call it whatever you like.. as long as its not covered as it should be, its a media blackout Wink