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Dubai Football Challenge - Lonecai - 12-29-2014

"Dubai Football Challenge."
[Image: camisetas_de_futbol_real_madrid_vs_ac_milan_4.jpg]

Real Madrid vs AC Milan

[Image: camisetas_de_futbol_real_madrid_vs_ac_milan_7.jpg]

December 30, 2014, Tuesday, Sevens stadium, Dubai
European Champions League: Real Madrid (10) , AC Milan (7)

[Image: camisetas_de_futbol_real_madrid_vs_ac_milan_3.jpg]

December 30 is an exciting date in Dubai.

[Image: camisetas_de_futbol_real_madrid_vs_ac_milan_6.jpg]

Who do you think is the winner?

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - reza - 12-29-2014

If you realize that it could be Ronaldo making runs towards Bonera, then there could only be one winner

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - Mystik - 12-29-2014

The gulf in talent between the two teams is so large that I can only laugh. Good thing I am missing this game..if Madrid even plays at 50% potential, it will be bad.

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - ACM2020 - 12-30-2014

If Madrid plays at 20%, it would be bad, but that's no longer bothering me. We aren't talking about the Champions League final anyway.

Maybe this meeting could be a great opportunity for Galliani to sell De Sciglio at 20M. Okmilan

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - ACM2020 - 12-30-2014

Pippo's left hand... Icon_lol2

[Image: B6CMIY7CEAAASvJ.jpg]

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - reza - 12-30-2014

Lopez; Bonera, Mexes, Zapata, Albertazzi; Montolivo, De Jong, Muntari; Bonaventura, Menez, El Shaarawy.
Navas; Arbeloa, Nacho, Varane, Coentrao; Illarramendi, Khedira, Isco; Ronaldo, Hernandez, Jese.

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - ACM2020 - 12-30-2014

We are leading 1-0. :d Besides Menez who were very cool capitalizing on Real Madrid's defensive blunder, Bonaventura should take a lot of credit too for his tireless pressing that led to the chance. Okmilan

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - ACM2020 - 12-30-2014

Real Madrid must not be taking this match seriously. Still, I am happy that we are leading by two goals of now. :d

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - Acmir - 12-30-2014

And we conceded an easy goal. Bad positioning by Lopez.

RE: Dubai Football Challenge - ACM2020 - 12-30-2014

Ronaldo makes everything look so easy. 2-1 now.