Poll: Given our terrible start, where do you think we'll most likely end up at the end of the season?
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Week 8: Torino - Milan (Saturday, October 17 - 20:45 CET)
We are currently in week 8. Performances have not been great and results have not been coming. Luckily for us, there is still plenty of time left in the season to turn things around. On the flipside, I don't really think we have the necessary pieces to drastically change our fortunes until the January transfer window comes around. Berlu is already putting pressure on the coach and there are already rumours swirling around of possible replacements. I feel like we have been here before...

Torino currently sit 5th in Serie A with 13 points. All their wins have come at home which suggests that so far this season they have not been pushovers at their stadium, even beating Fiorentina there. Hopefully the players return from the international break with renewed vigor and a desire to take all three points from this match.

What's the current situation on injured players like Niang and Menez? Will they be able to contribute anytime soon?
Siamo a posto cosi.
Terim was sacked after Inzaghi wasted a penalty at 90' and Milan lost 0-1. Was the opponent Torino? I am getting older (to remember) and lazier (to check).
Based on the Monza performance, I confidently expect another loss. At best a draw.
Fast start Milan go up 1-0 , Torino equalize then score a 2nd we collapse lose 3-1 .Baselli scores and has an assist , Milan have a player sent off.People say Baselli was cheap and way better than Bertolacci.

Papers speculate about Miha , Berlu says we need to play 4-3-1-2 and control the ball more and we will from here on in , Miha is safe HIP HIP...
I would probably agree, but I think Baselli is still unlikely to play this match?
GdS: Baselli, Benassi and Avelar will miss the game against Milan. Maxi Lopez trying to recover. Other players out: Maksimovic, Bruno Peres, Farnerud, Jansson and Obi.

Well if we dont win this with those players missing.We're screwed
Don't count on the missed players. Genoa missed at least two important players due to red cards received in the previous game, we were still beaten fair and sound.
Yea but this is essentially every decent/good player Torino has. We're facing a Seria B quality side on paper, let's see how we do.
We need Sinisa to pull a miracle. There is nothing else I am counting on.
I don't really think a miracle is needed. Torino have had a good start to the season, but I don't see why we can't beat them, I don't think they're a great team.

Question is, can the team actually play with consistency for a whole match? Even against Napoli, who right now imo along with Fiorentina play the best football in Serie A, we were competitive in the first half. I want to clarify, the concerns I raised in my post after the Napoli match are absolutely still there, but really Torino isn't a team that we should be going up against with fear.