Summer Mercato 2019
(08-19-2019, 03:45 PM)WCmilan Wrote: Our exit market is really poor, seriously.

We haven't managed to sell any deadwood yet, and the fees being reported are ridiculous. 11m for Castillejo? Also, how many seasons need to go by before we realize that we need to buy a midfielder

The problem isn't the exit market, is the strategy Milan had the last years... buying players without a spesific role and plan for them. I know that real football has nothing to do with FM.. but the basic idea when you invest money is the same, either you spend them in a player that you want to have for the next 4-5 years or spent them in some players that you are planing to sell, in order to increase funds, after 1-2 seasons..

Sure, Milan was unlucky in some cases like Conti and Caldara cause of their injuries, but shit happens.. The greater mistakes the past 3 years for me are:

André Silva  38 7.9%
Nikola Kalinic 27.5 5.7%
Samu Castillejo 25 5.2%
Hakan Calhanoglu 21.3 4.4%
Lucas Biglia 19.2 4,0%
Diego Laxalt 14 2.9%
Total 107 30%

Andre Silva was the second more expensive transfer made the last 3 years.. If you spend so much money for one player then first you are sure that he fits your style of play and then you play him in starting eleven no matter what, even if he isn't play well, in order to be able to sell him. 

Nikola Kalinic..i hadn't understand how from the likes of Belotti(23y old before 2 years)  and Immobile (27 year old before 2 years) we ended with Kalinic (29y by the time we bought him)  for almost 30M..

Castillejo we bought him for 25M according to transfermarkt.. as a back up for Right winger.. when the same time we didn't had a starter for the left wing.

Hakan.. yes i have an empathy with this player... we spend over 20M for a player that his natural potition is AM... when we didn't play with AM... A player that doesn't have the speed to play in the wings... nor the strength to play as a CM..

Lucas Biglia..never understand why we spend 20M for a 31 years old player... 

Diego Laxalt.. although he is a good player.. his natural potition is LM.. yes he could play as a LB but he isn't a LB. And even if he were a LB.. when you spend 18M for one LB.. then you should get a starter... not a back up option.. 

For this year transfers.
Bennacer - Hernandez, i don't know if in one year we are trying to sell them.. but paying 36M for two starters 21y old.. it is very good deal
Krunic - Duarte, same goes for here.. spending less than 20M..for two back ups it isn't a bad decision..

only worries are for Leao.. we don't have a starter SS.. and spending 25M for a back up.. it reminds me the andre silva case...
Anyone of you experts can give me an assessment on Mariano Díaz?
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Bennacer and Hernandez were great business, no doubt. So I'm more optimistic about this management, but again I'll reiterate that I'd be disappointed if we cannot secure another solid midfielder before end of summer. Every season for years now I've gone into the seasons so pessimistic, because it's a footballing law that you need a good midfield to be a top team. I've never felt confident with our midfield for years now.

When we bought Biglia, I felt pretty good about our midfield. I definitely did not know he would be such a shadow of his former self. Dips in form are reasonable with age, but he came to Milan almost unrecognizable from the way he used to play..
What a boring day!

So is Maldini really in Madrid? Or are those just stories that he WILL go to Madrid, but is bot there yet?
(08-19-2019, 06:57 PM)drucurl Wrote: Anyone of you experts can give me an assessment on Mariano Díaz?

Speedy poacher type. Some claim Real realized they should have him back.
(08-19-2019, 05:06 PM)WCmilan Wrote: 11m really doesn't get you much these days.
And transfmarkt valued the deal at around 25m euros so I believe Bacca was included.

My main issue is that the season is close to starting, it doesn't give us much time to be fully prepared. In my opinion we're still lacking a proper midfield addition, an issue that we've had for how many years now? Doesn't matter how many managements turn over we never address this issue - it's so strange. I know there's time to make that signing, but right now we're focusing on Correa when we should be more focused on selling Silva, and even then I'm not totally sold on Correa  for 50m+. When you look at the facts, has Correa really done anything more than Silva? Why is Silva being sold for peanuts when he had a 20+ goal season in his career, and Correa somehow is worth 50m off the back off a season with less than 3-4 goals & never had such a high scoring season. 

It's historically a fact that we've recently been overpaying to buy, and selling cheaply. The only 'deal' we've gotten recently is arguably Benaccer, for the potential he's been showing his fee was not very inflated at all.

I wouldn't pay a penny over 35m for Correa.

11m is peanuts.
we definitely paid 18m plus Bacca.
and agreed with Correa. I actually like the guy but 50m is a joke.

(08-19-2019, 05:13 PM)nefremo Wrote: If only we invested all the money we spent on strikers in the past 5 years, in the midfield....

Even half would have been good.

(08-20-2019, 12:14 AM)reza Wrote: Speedy poacher type. Some claim Real realized they should have him back.

yep. I'm not a fan to be honest. unless the idea is to have him as Piatek's backup moving Leao to SS(he can play there by the way.
but Diaz and Piatek I don't think would work.
Could work if we have pirlo or prime ozil though. Hopefully Maldini Boban isn't that stupid to repeat management mistake. You can't score goals if you can't even supply the ball. Unless the striker is Zlatan or real Ronaldo. But not with Diaz and Piatek
We are not underselling Samu, we overpaid him!
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(08-19-2019, 06:57 PM)drucurl Wrote: Anyone of you experts can give me an assessment on Mariano Díaz?

He would be a great replacement if we would have sold Andre Silva. The reason why he underperformed last season with Madrid because those guys gave him Legendary No.7 jersey. He got too much of hate from Madrid fans for wearing No.7. Otherwise, he is a great CF for 20M. That guy is fast and pacey. Technically he is far more superior than Piatek.
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(08-20-2019, 07:47 AM)Kastriot Wrote: We are not underselling Samu, we overpaid him!

Exactly. And if we end up keeping him and he doesn't play or play badly, who thinks we will receive better offers next year? We will lose money on this guy.