Week 20: Milan vs. Udinese (Sunday, January 19, 2020 12:30 CET)
Our season started with much hope and hype, but the dream turned into nightmare almost instantaneously after just one match at Friuli, where we managed to have not one single shot on target for the whole ninety minutes. More masterpieces (*sarcasm*) followed but that stupid season-opener was the soul-cruncher, and a premature nail on the coffin.

Yeah, yeah, I know, the season is already dead by now, but we still have a full second half yet to play, so what can do? forfeit the season? we may as well take care of a game at a time. 

So, will this rematch with Udinese be a sweet revenge, or insult to injury? 

Unfortunately, it seems that this is yet another lunch-time game. I said 'unfortunate' not because we have to get up really early to catch this stupid game (6:30AM, North America EST; and my buddy OCMilano aka ACM1899 probably won't be up at all at 3:30AM  Icon_lol2 ), but because historically we have always struggled in games of this time slot. Last 0-5 defeat to Atalanta was played at this same time slot too, for example. Going back seasons, the only exception I can recall was our 4-3 comeback victory over Lecce. Still, we were 0-3 down, before Boateng came in and scored a hattrick and saved Milan. 

However, this season seems to see many records shattered:

30 years unbeaten at San Siro against Lazio (no more)
usually bad game right before Christmas (0-5 Atalanta, well, I guess the record is still good)
usually a victory right after the New Year (no more, 0-0 Sampdoria)

So, maybe we can defeat all the odds, and somehow pull off another miracle to avoid relegation? Grinundwech

Let's go, Milan. Onwards and upwards.  Heart

P.S. Sorry for opening this thread so early, as I was planning to wait until the conclusion of this round to do it, because that way I would have a more complete table to work with for my "analysis" and daydreaming. Big Grin Also, I am aware that there is a Coppa Italia game before this Udinese game, but I just wanted to make sure that I beat you-know-who Big Grin to it. The first match thread I opened, we won at Genoa and Giampaolo still got fired afterwards. I thought it was a decent outcome and I should be allowed to continue, but still got hijacked by you-know-who (okay, okay, it is mazen  Icon_lol2). Now that I am 2 for 2 for my record opening threads, I feel obligated to continue, until I shouldn't anymore. Big Grin
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Feel free to continue posting in the other thread (Cagliari game), after all, winning has become such a luxury and unusually refreshing experience for us Milan fans these days. Big Grin

I know that's what I will do. Icon_lol2
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Thank God Mazen didn't created this thread. Sagrin
You deserve it Xu. Big Grin

The season (in terms of 4th place) is over. Unless we have an ubelievable 2nd part of the season (something like Inter, Lazio, Juventus have had so far), then there is no chance of 4th. I personally don't see us having that kind of a spring. We lack quality and belief. Many are praising us after the Cagliari win....and even if it was good to get 3 points, i don't think we were spectacular. BUT, having said that, you don't need to be spectacular to get 3 points against the likes of Cagliari and Udinese.
SO, we'll hopefully rack up points against these types of teams and then we can see where we are in a couple of months.
Let's also hope Roma loses today.
Roma plays Juventus today, so they better lose.

Atalanta somehow managed to get one point off Inter, annoying. (I know that they could have got all 3 even with a missed penalty at 88'). They are now officially 4th, I believe. It is theirs to lose, and they probably won't.

Hopefully Caldara is our Trojan horse and mess up their vibe completely. Rofl
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(01-11-2020, 05:51 PM)ACM2020 Wrote: you-know-who (okay, okay, it is mazen  Icon_lol2).

I thought u were talking about voldemort. Come to think of it... Galliani does look a bit like Voldemort.

I love lunch time matches. Its late afternoon time for me Big Grin
Life is complete. Xu aka Mr wonderful aka acm crew mentioned me in his post.

Definitely winning this game.
Not so fast, buddy! Udinese just beat Sassuolo by 3-0 who had a 0-0 at San Siro against us. This is not looking good.

We should pray for a draw here and the eventual escape from relegation. Big Grin
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[Image: 83065887_476348786606902_576326835223134...e=5ED47DB0]
Apparently Udinese rested 9 starters against Juventus on Thursday. 

Bastards. Angry
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