Ariedo Braida comments on Milan
I'm sure many have seen the reports doing the rounds where Braida's commented on Milan.

Before I go into that I just want to say that normally while I would post this stuff on other threads (probably the Venting thread), I have had discussions with some posters lately and I think generally it was agreed that one thing the forum might benefit from is having more focused threads (i.e. mercato thread is for mercato, match threads for matches etc.), rather than having less threads to discuss numerous topics. The idea is that it makes it easier to follow discussions, especially for new posters.

Therefore, I've created this thread to try and act on this idea, but it's no good if only a couple of us do it, so if others agree then it would be good to do this as a community here.

Getting back to topic, here are Braida's comments:

I've always thought that while he's partly responsible for many of the problems Milan have faced in recent years (who can forget the failed exploits in South America), he's also a scapegoat from the issues between Barbara and Galliani last year. As far as the comments go, I think he's on the mark almost completely.

He says Vangioni isn't good enough for Milan, but does rate Brozovic, something which I'd say quite a few posters here agree with if comments in the mercato thread are anything to go by. Additionally, he says Milan lack a real CF, which is pretty obvious as we're using Menez as the striker this year.

Apparently he went for Higuain when he was young, but unfortunately the cost was too high and the club lost out to Real.

On the situation at Milan, he says Inzaghi's lead should be followed, as he knows Milan. I don't know if I agree with this, as I think it's hard to judge Inzaghi at this point. However, he does say that Inzaghi needs time to grow into his role, as pretty much no one is naturally born into it.

On the players, he's quite clear. He says this current group of players is not of the quality of those in the past. He also says players who can raise this team need to be brought in. He says there's clearly an issue with the striker position, as Menez is used there and on Torres he refuses to comment (which for me pretty much says he thinks it was a s**t idea). He also says the midfield and defence needs strengthening.

His comments on DES, SES and Balotelli are interesting. On DES, he says we're talking about a great kid, but no Maldini who was able to take on huge responsibility and prove himself a champion in his teens. On SES, he says he has a lot of ups and downs and possibly isn't quite of the level people had hoped. I don't disagree with either comment, though I add the caveat that I do still think both can potentially reach extremely high levels and at 21/22, need patience.

On Balotelli, he politely says he can't handle responsibility, even though he's got potential.

While he states fairly obvious things, I find the fairly candid comments kind of refreshing, showing he's not as clueless as he appeared in recent years.
Thanks Dev.

I guess one can argue the mess created is a collective one that also included Braida. He makes many good points but if he or anybody else in charge doesn't present a possible solution right after then the job is not fully done.
Didn't Braida scout Pastore Falcao Marcelo Lucas Moura and on Savicevic's recomendation put forward Jovetic.He will be remembered for Viudez Cardaccio Mattioni etc... but they only ever went for the cheap options and balked at at the other guys , Dybala too a couple of years ago was a suggestion he had IIRC.
I agree reza that Braida's part of the problem, but also agree with Jay that without investment his scouting goes to waste.

The impression I got from his comments is that he's got a fair understanding of the problems with the side as it is. I wonder if the same can be said about those still at the club.
Long gone are the days when talent spotter had to drive hundreds of miles to scout new talents and if he found one, he'd keep this information like a secret. These days I think if we put the scouting reports from all the big clubs, they'll look similar, containing almost the same set of players on the top 10. It's just a question of how much risk are they willing to take to invest that differentiate those clubs.

We didn't think Higuain was that good but Madrid thought he's worth the risk. Chelsea take it to another level and buy like 10 young players every year and send them on loan to various clubs. So there's not much use in compiling the list of the next Higuain or Pastore if you end up buying Grimi and Viudez.
free loan with option to buy ™
Thought this was very interesting

I want to say the club missed out, but if I'm honest I wonder if we'd ever have seen Messi get to be as good as he is today if he came to Milan, especially knowing the track record of the club and its young players.
Can you understand Italian or you use google translate? Is it any good?
Mostly Google translate. It's ok, but usually requires a little effort when reading to make sense of it. After a while, you get an understanding of what it's saying more easily as certain phrases and words are always the same, so it's easier to interpret.

One of the more interesting things is when it translates names (e.g. Rami is always translated to "Branches" and Paletta is always "Scoop"). Big Grin
Yes, get some funny stuff for player names when using google translate, worthy of the Paolo Inzaghi thread Big Grin

About Messi to Milan, I am not even confident we are developing Mastour well. Messi may have been even more lost in our system considering he would be growing in the days when the senators were still mostly around.