Poll: Has your confidence in Mihajlovic as coach diminished since the start of the season?
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No, none of this is his fault
4 30.77%
Yes, he could have done better given the available resources
7 53.85%
Confidence? What's that? Grinundwech
2 15.38%
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Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET)
Not to take attention away from the all important Trofeo Berlusconi which will be contested this week, we also have a little thing called Serie A on the weekend. Sassuolo have given many big teams trouble so far this season. IIRC they beat Lazio, beat Fiorentina and drew Roma. I'm not sure if we still qualify as a big team but if they have their full squad, I fear that we will struggle yet again.

For Miha's sake, he better hope for something positive out of this game or it may be his head on the chopping block very soon...
Siamo a posto cosi.

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