Matchday 2: Napoli - Milan (Saturday, August 27th - 20:45 CET)
Well, since we won the first game of the season and I opened that thread, I figured I would try my luck again. If things don't work out, than I'll step aside and let Mystik take over.  Sagrin

It really would be beyond expectations to start the season with 6 out of 6 points. I am excited to see Gomez play alongside Romagnoli and I really hope for a much better performance from our midfield. 

It would be nice for Montolivo to be demoted to the bench, but in all honesty, who else do we play in that position at this point. I don't want to throw Locatelli into the fire again, and with Bertolacci being injured I really don't see another option. 

Antonelli should be demoted to the bench after that horror show last week, so De Sciglio it is for this one imo. 

Gigio - Abate, Gomez, Romagnoli, DES - Montolivo, Kucka, Bonaventura - Niang, Bacca, Suso

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