Nobody fancies about the draw of 16 yet?
Hitman, back to the magic show, you must remember magicians let an audiance pick up a card in some distance and tell what the card is, that's as good as he gives a certain card to the audiance to pick. These days they even use hi-tec stuff, like remote control, to determine what happens in a closed space, or let drawn things move on a piece of paper...

Platini came into office and directed a few years in a row of Italians and Spanish top teams drew into the same groups, resulting one side, mostly Italians finished group second and face his ultimate target, EPL in the next round. How many EPL teams Milan has faced since 2007? How many times mediocre teams faced each other in the first knockout round? He just manipulated it way too much, look at the CL participating countries map, and the strip of black zone in the centre, so obvious.

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