Poll: What will be the result at the San Siro?
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AC Milan win
15 68.18%
Barcelona win
4 18.18%
3 13.64%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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AC Milan vs Barcelona (28th March, 2012)
This will be my first time blaming Allegri. But Tiago missing Barca game is totally his fault. I was watching the pre match training. Tiago at one moment felt smth and he was pulled aside. He was not supposed to start the game, Zambrota started training with the first 11 filling in for Tiago. I don`t know what changed in between, but in 8 min. inside the game it turn out to be the worst decision ever, probably ending our slim chances for CL glory.
No ho visto Superman volare, ma ho visto Super Pippo segnare. I supereroi esistono davvero.

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