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Summer 2012 - Incoming: Midfielders
(05-18-2012, 05:34 PM)brasileiro Wrote: The Moura one, this one:

I know Tim Vickery, read him at BBC, watch him at least 1 time a week here in a TV and respect ihis opinion, but not always agree with his takes.

It´s true Lucas struggle a bit early in the year, but he also had some amazing displays... but imo thats natural for a young player. I don´t know if Tim mentioned, but after the early struggle, Lucas recovered his form and was tearing up once again.

You know, Dev, I think European defenders will have a hard time with Lucas, like in the few minutes he played against Scotland. He´s BLAZING fast and I don´t know how he does it, or explain, but you(we) are always thinking he lost control, that h e touched the ball too far, but next time you see, it´s glued in his feet.

Of course, he will need to adjust to small fields, to teams playing more compacts since defenses in Europe(in most cases) plays more high than in South America. But another aspect always overlooked is how physical Lucas is, and how hard is to take him down. He´s not a big guy, but plays like he´s 6-4 200 lbs.

Regarding your final question, if in Allegri´s mind, Robinho and Boateng can be used as AMD´s, he would love what Lucas can bring to the table. If not, he is not the coach that I thought. Lucas has great work rate, and I can´t see how a coach can find a reason to not use him in the AMD role. He can even play at the side of the field, despite in my opinion, this role limit it´s potential.

If you want to play in the counter, it´s not even fair to have him. Coaches like Mourinho, Andre Villas Boas(appears Fergusson too) I know are after him, and besides to be a little selfish(like Messi, CR9, CR7, Robben, etc...), theres not too much to improve in this kid game or attitude, that is world class.

Ganso is being a huge disappointment to me since he returned from the knee injure. Remember that in the old forum, some years ago, I said I wanted Milan to buy Giuliano and not Ganso? In the same thread I was clear that Ganso was more talented than Giuliano, even using a Kaka/Ronaldinho comparison, but that in my opinion Giuliano would be a better option for Milan than Ganso.

My point at that time, was not only about Ganso work rate, but the way he accepted and got frustrated with tight marking. But after some time, with Robinho back to Santos, when the coach changed the scheme to a 3 men midfield, with two #10(Marquinhos and Ganso) and one false holder(Arouca), Ganso´s work rate and mobility changed a lot(for good). There was no way Santos had won Brazil´s Cup without a improved Ganso with that midfield.

But the truth is that since he returned, that work rate and (little)mobility disappeared... and there´s no way that I would chose this Ganso over players like Lucas, Giuliano or Oscar. Keep in mind that regarding talent alone, I only rate Lucas Moura(of the 3) above him...

Great post.

About Tim Vickery, I have great respect because he has a incredible knowledge of South American football (not just Brazil). Like you I don't always agree with his assessments of players, but still I'll take note when he says something.

Tim didn't mention Lucas' recent form, just sort of said he had the second season syndrome (great first year, not quite as good second). That said, I want to say he never said Lucas' has been playing badly, just not his best. My biggest worry with his assessment of Lucas is he compares him a lot to Theo Walcott, maybe so the British can understand a little more about Lucas, but I think Lucas has much (MUCH) more depth to his game. About Lucas in Europe, I agree he's a player who could be great here.

About him playing AM in Milan, I think Robinho's used there more because we lack options rather than it being ideal, while Boateng's pressing is key to Allegri's system. Maybe Lucas can fit there really well, but it would require us to rethink how we want our side to play. If there is one issue I see with Lucas, it's I think he likes to dribble too much, which I see being a problem in our game where we want to move the ball really quickly.

The thing about Ganso is his talent is something that really makes me want to have him. I've always been infatuated with his game since he broke out years ago (I remember saying he even excited me more than Neymar at the time). His workrate might be an issue, but there are two things I have confidence in. The first is that he can improve on this in his game, we've seen it once, I don't see why we can't get it again. Secondly, as much as I admire Brazilian football, I think both Ganso and Neymar at Santos have reached their peak and really need to move to Europe. They are the stars in Santos and the darlings of Brazilian football, meaning they need to be challenged more to get more from them. I don't think this is possible now in Brazil, while in Europe they still have so much to prove.

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