Ibrahimovic was gone, who will bear the Milan important task ?
ELS and PATO, we should rely on our youngsters, also as mathiask has said the team as a whole, but upfront even with our new addition I'd really like to see els or pato make a big leap this season. I saw els in person playing against Chelsea, you can already see he's improving almost every time we watch him, but I don't expect him to explode this season, it would be way to early imo but that would always be amazing . Pato needs to stop being injured so frequently and start finding the back of the net again, we can't only hope he stops being injured, we must also consider the fact that every injury maybe affecting him(slowing him down ex; kakas injury) also the more he gets injured it seems the more injury prone he becomes. I'm hoping he's gotten enough time out to make a full recovery and hopefully he can somehow solve this problem himself man the guys made of paper. Urby, like you said^ has been fantastic. I always rated him so highly and in another thread also mentioned how he's such an amazing utility player, coming off the bench he was great and never complained about it. Now, this season I'd like to see him as a frequent starter if he continues playing like this, his runs especially seeing them up close were great it seemed very heard for chelseas defenders to get the ball off him, wonderful almost assist to els had he finished which ended up him scoring it himself.

See, I don't mind that we haven't been spending because every low cost signing we make is turning out to be great, i think our management knows what they're doing. Traore is showing a lot more positive signs, acerbi, constant yet to see much but I already know he could be a fantastic player on his game. We just need two big new additions, I'd be overly happy with kaka,mbiwa,matri(also sahinBig Grin)

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