Current squad - what work is needed?
As far as our attackers go, I would get rid of Pazzini/Matri/Robinho. I'd only keep Balotelli/ELS/Kaka/Honda and buy another really good young striker, someone like Muriel or whoever. I like Pazzini though mind you, I don't mind keeping him but in reality he's not that great, decent sub.

The small issue I have with our attack is this.. Balotelli when on his game DOMINATES, but he's too inconsistent at the moment, I think it's a lot to do with his personal life,or his attitude but I can't say either of those are for sure. I'd like a good striker like Muriel so that we consistently have a strong player in that position, seeing as it's our main goalscoring threat likewise. Obviously our other attackers like Honda,ELS and Kaka are bound to score, but it's good to have more than just one player who can be your dominant goalscorer. I'd never expect Matri to score more than 7-8 goals a season, and Pazzini maybe 12 max. I'd like for Balotelli to be our 20-30 goals a season man like Ibra does, and a backup to score about 10-12 per season. A little dreamy, but the potential is there 100%. So in essence, Pazzini wouldn't be a bad choice but I'd like a faster player with better dribbling and skill so that we can have a faster flowing attack.

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