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Netherlands win in extra time Rolleyes
Netherlands win on penalties Cool
Another Brazilian 7up! Devilf
Silva Rises 3bandiera
Hunter Night Rossonero
I just want a high scoring game! Joker smile
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(Bronze) Brazil vs Netherlands
I think so too. Also, the fact that this was a useless third-place match probably helped the referee decide that there was no need for such harsh treatment.

Poor Brazil. Every WC I watched, even when they didn't win, they could have won. But they apparently had no chance this time. Still, I can't believe it in the last two matches when I saw how bad their defense was. They must have conceded 5 or 6 goals when the opponents were absolutely unmarked in the box. So amateurish.

Their problem might have been the coach, who apparently did not have a Plan B. The Plan A was Neymar all along, and you can see that they all of a sudden didn't know how to attack and how to play in general when Neymar was out.

And of course, that's only one of the many problems.
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