Matchday 1: Milan - Torino (Sunday, August 21st - 18:00 CET)
Well, I think we all get into the summer market stuff and forget that we have the first game of the season in 4 days. 

Milan - Torino will be a good opener. I think we have a great opportunity to start the season with 3 points, but unfortunately, there will probably be 15-20,000 at the San Siro. It's a shame but maybe with some good performances and a signing or two things will get better.

A quick summary on Torino up to today:

Notable departures from Torino this summer : Glik, Immobile, Bruno Peres...and it looks like Maksimovic will not play either as he is trying to force a transfer away. 
Notable arrivals : Iago Falque, Adem Ljajic, Panagiotis Tachtidis. I also think they did well to keep Belotti. 

So even though we haven't improved as much as we all hoped that we would.....Torino's problems in the CB department will be one area we can exploit as they lost both starting CBs (Glik, and set to lose Maksimovic). However, I think they did great to sign Ljajic and Falque so we know they'll be dangerous on the wings. In any case, I think we should have enough to win this game.

Latest news are saying that Romagnoli, Niang, Suso, Lapadula and Vangioni all trained with the squad today so it looks like we will have everyone but Zapata available for this one. I am interested to see Sosa play, but I doubt we'll see him make an appearance on Sunday. I hope that we see Gomez paired up with Romagnoli, but the CB pairing always needs great chemistry so between Gomez only having trained for a few days and Romagnoli out with an injury in the last week...I doubt they've played at all together even during I expect to see Romagnoli - Paletta for this first game.

About moving forward with the season......there are a lot of IFs and hopes at this point. Ideally, IF Niang keeps improving and finally takes an important role, Bonaventura finds his form from the first half of last season, Gomez turns out to be as great as sources in South America say he is, Suso carries his Genoa form, and Sosa carries his form from Turkey......we may just be a lot better than all of us think we are. But like I said, those are a lot of IFs and HOPES, so I guess we just have to wait and see.
As usual, thank you Mystik! GrinundwechGrinundwechGrinundwech
On the first day of Serie A, my true love gave to me: a midfield sans Andrea Poliiii   Devilol

In all seriousness, thanks for making the thread, nefremo. It has been a busy week and whenever I got home at night I didn't have time to do it.

I have barely seen Milan during preseason but based on the comments in the various match threads and our transfer activity thus far, not much may change in time for the start of the season. Montella may bring changing tactics and whatnot but there's only so much that you can do without the raw materials to bring exciting football. I have very low expectations..and maybe that's a good thing so that I don't get disappointed.
Siamo a posto cosi.
The season opener last year: Fiorentina vs. Milan could have been a duel between Montella and Mihajlovic, if the former wasn't fired by Fiorentina.

They are finally meeting at the season opener, one year later. Icon_lol2

I am hoping that Sosa will have an immediate impact on our midfield. somedevil posted some videos in the other thread, which gave me some hope. Wink

Of course, I am really hoping that Romagnoli can be available (but he needs to be 100% ready, if not, I would rather he continue to get rest as needed). Has he resumed training yet? anyone knows?
Yes, he trained yesterday with the squad. He seems to he 100%.
According to Sky he's is 100% ready (they even gave the percentage!) so should start this game.

Edit: Crap, just saw the kick off time for the match, I might have to miss it Sad
Possible line up anyone?
Gazzetta claims

Donna, Abate Paletta Romagnoli De Sciglio, Bertolacci Montolivo Bonaventura, Suso Bacca Niang
I wish there was a stat on how many teams are starting the new seasons with no new players in the lineup. Oh silly me, I forgot, Suso is like a new signing.
Dont forget Paletta just came back from loan. All 3 new players we sign, yet none of them are gonna feature. Hahaha how cool is that.