Winter Transfer Window 2017
(12-05-2016, 02:25 PM)edysim Wrote: I read we are linked with Atalanta's young midfield.

Yip its Gagliardini very good young player would be a wise move.No guarantees ofcourse but very promising.
Koziello to Milan almost done for €30m according to French reports.
Next rumour I read...Milan face problems as the Chinese wont be investing in January because the deal is postponed.
We sell bacca we can get that 30m. But we got no strikers if we sold bacca and adriano. Only niang and lappa

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Now THAT would be exciting! I love Koziello. In general I just love those types of midfielders. Highly technical, doesn't lose the ball easily, can play out of tight spaces and is really scrappy defensively too. A lot like Verratti actually.

I do have huge doubts on the rumors, but I hope that they are true. 30mil seems like a lot of money that I don't think we have at the moment so that's the first red light. Koziello has also been in and out of the line-up this year for some reason, so I find it hard that they'll demand 30mil, but who is crazy these days. He has the quality, but I think the Niece coach has had a lot of success with what he is currently using and they are top of the I think he is a little hesitant to put Koziello back in the lineup "full time".

In any case, the player is very talented from what I've seen of him so I am not too concerned with why he is in and out of the line up over there this season.

@sylrus....Lapadula, Niang + a youth player from our academy (if even needed) are more than enough for the second half of the season. I don't see the point of us having as many strikers as we have right now especially when we only use 1 of them per game with our formation. Adriano is basically draining our budget and he only sits on the bench, while Bacca is becoming somewhat of a problem not just on the field, but also in the locker room. I would maybe keep Adriano until the end of the season as he probably won't bring much money in terms of a transfer fee anyway, but if there is a good offer, I'd sell him in a second.

Also, the sooner Niang is moved up to play as a striker, the better. I just don't see him improving much more out on the wing. As a matter of fact, he is probably regressing out there.
Niang was a CF (or always played) before joining us if not mistaken..
That's right edysim, he's always been a CF other than his time in Milan and his loan at Genoa (which was a bit more mixed).

I generally agree with nefremo, Lapadula's form and having Niang, who don't forget was Montella's choice for CF in preseason, should be enough coverage for CF, and if need be we have Cutrone (who I've mentioned before) from the Primavera as another option. For half a season, playing one game a week, we don't really need much more.

On Koziello I have some doubts. I do like the guy, but 30 million seems a pretty absurd amount to request if I'm honest for a player who's got a lot to prove still. Realistically, for that sort of money you can be seriously looking at Keita of Leipzig or Tolisso of Lyon (maybe not in January, but certainly next summer), both of which are a similar sort of age, but have proven shown more at the highest level. Alternatively you can get a guy like Bazoer (who I'd argue has shown similar levels of quality), but at less than half the price. Again, I'm not against Koziello by any stretch, just the price seems silly.

I read we were scouting Gagliardini a couple of weeks ago, along with Caldara. Gagliardini looks good, a very promising player, but has a lot to show to know if he's a genuine talent. Him and Caldara (who I'm more convinced of) are ones to keep an eye on in Atalanta imo. Pellegrini in Sassuolo's another worth watching, he looks a very interesting player with lots of room to improve. Speaking of Sassuolo, I hope we're monitoring Berardi's situation. He started the season in incredible form and there's no doubt that without him Sassuolo have suffered. If there's an opportunity to get him and assuming this injury isn't career threatening, I would totally still go after him.
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.... and mine too. Sad
but what if those 2 injured???
who will replace them?? cutrone???
cutrone as a backup i dont mind, but if those 2 gone by injury, i think we need another striker. do we have any other strikers on our youth academy beside cutrone???
Well I am sure we do, but he is the most rated one. There is also La Ferrara who is highly rated.

You are talking about extreme emergency in the case that all our strikers are injured. It's not impossible that it happens of course, but we can't carry excess of players in every situation for that reason. 2 CFs (Lapadula and Niang) plus a youth striker (Cutrone) is more than enough imo when playing a formation with only 1 CF. If all become injured, than we must be the most unlucky team in Italy, and at that point, it is what it is.
but niang right now doesnt play as a cf, and if we sell bacca and adriano do we make niang as a cf ??? if yes im ok, if not, we do need 1 more cf. do we want cutrone to stay on bench this season because we need a backup cf??? i prefer we let him grow more on the primavera and we buy some short term patch player on the cf, but not the expensive 1, maybe bringing matri back to the team, i know this sound crazy. but we still own him right??