Summer transfer window 2017
(02-27-2017, 06:36 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: 30 million savings like on Luiz Adriano? Big Grin
honda only has 6 months on his contract plus the marketing money he generates outways his salary. don't forget he's our no.1 shirt seller!
(02-27-2017, 06:58 PM)xudong Wrote: I don't think we will ever get any transfer fee for Honda with less than six months left on his contract! 

Nobody will do that!

Oh, wait, Galliani paid 8M (?) for Adriano when he had only six months contract left. Facepalm

No sane person will do that! 
yes conclusive proof galliani finally lost his marbles and had to go! no wonder the chinese didn't give him a penny to spend in jan after wasting 30m of their funds last summer! he's lucky spartak were stupid enough to take him!
(02-27-2017, 10:18 PM)donlocatelli Wrote: honda only has 6 months on his contract plus the marketing money he generates outways his salary. don't forget he's our no.1 shirt seller!

yeah ,right.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
(02-27-2017, 07:28 PM)Mystik Wrote: Supposedly we are willing to make a 27 million pound offer for Fabregas. I have always been a big fan of his but I feel like this may be a bit late for us to get him. While we do need some players that can offer guarantees, Cesc has lost his legs over the past few seasons so I am not sure that he would be a good fit (especially if we want to play a pressing game).
i agree. i think he's past his best plus wouldn't have the necessary passion to relaunch our club. same goes for pastore. we should be focussing on top players in their prime/youngsters wanted the world over. hate to say it but inter took this approach when they signed kondogbia, joao mario, gagliardini + gabigol. now they're targeting manolas, verratti, berardi + bernadeschi in summer. if they can do it successfully there's no reason we can't either.
a journalist following the sale said we'll have 150m transfer budget and will make 3/4 major purchases (one for each area). he thinks bacca will be sold and aubameyang will replace him. we'll also aim to tie down our young talents like donna to long term deals. i like this approach.
150mil is a lot of money. There won't be many other teams in Europe spending that this summer. (Net spent)

If rumors are true and if we can add a portion of whatever we sell to that, than we are talking about a massive number. We have to be really smart about how we approach the sunmer. I am hoping that for once we do our shopping early on and the team reaches pre-season training with more or less a completed squad.
(02-27-2017, 10:10 PM)nefremo Wrote: But what other midfielder that we've been linked to will offer more guarantees than Fabregas?

And yes, I also think that 27mil pounds (which is what, 32mil Euros or so?) is a lot, but maybe that can be brought down.

Not sure if I believe the rumor anyway, but I wouldn't be opposed to it especially at a bit smaller fee...

I wouldnt be too against spending 30 mill euro for Fabregas. Although hasn't exactly lit the world alight this season he has shown some glimpses of his old self. Him, playing alongside Bonaventura and a Dahoud/Tielemans would work well.. As I've previously said, we need to improve bit by bit. We don't have the luxury to spend 300 mill in 1 mercato to rebuild the team... 

150 mill is a lot but can disappear very quickly, especially with the likes of Aubamayeng/Bellotti as options in there... 
I would prefer a better option for cm but if Fabregas is all we can get then so be it. WOuld rather him then Pastore.
As for Honda... He's not playing anyway. Better to just terminate the contract and send him on his way... No use keeping him at the club till the end of the season to just sit there and do nothing.
Musacchio - why not for 25mill... although I still have the same reservations as before... Good defender but injury prone
Maybe we should sell Bonaventura and Romagnoli. We actually started winning when they were out injured.