Matchday 33: Milan - Empoli (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 15:00 CET)
(04-23-2017, 04:24 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: Yeap ,starting with headcoach.

What? You don't like Montella... I would never have guessed...
where have you been porcho????
busy with work... haha. plus... This weekend was not a good weekend for me...
Ac Milan Lost
Tottenham Lost
Melbourne City Lost
My team(the team i play for) lost
Sporting CP drew against Benfica(hate those pricks)
and my AFL(Australian football) team lost
(04-25-2017, 11:58 PM)porcho Wrote: What? You don't like Montella... I would never have guessed...

I don't like his "coaching" metods and his tactical "knowledge". About Montela as Montela I have neutral opinion.
Please ,in future ,show some respect toward yourself and stop with those unfounded speculations. It leaves a bad impression about you, nothing more. Consider it as friendly advice not a  criticism.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
pardon? I was trying to be funny...
You seem to post more criticism toward Montella and the need to replace him 2-3 times a week.

I don't care how I'm perceived, if people don't like me it doesn't bother me at all.
You might want to lighten up. We all go for the same team here. We will inevitably have differences of opinion. There's no need to be so serious about things
Easy there, Sampinjon. I am sure that we all have come to realize and accept your hatred towards Montella (you even misspelled his name), but you may have to accept that we don't have to agree with you too. If you can't even take a tongue-in-cheek joke like the one porcho just made, you will have way too many battles to fight (unless that's what you enjoy).

Sorry if I offended you. I know that I have said somewhere some time ago that I would not run into another debate with you about Montella, but this time it is not really about our coach. But I can certainly remain quiet again.

Again that "hatred towards Montela" insinuations. You should talk about that if I would attack him as him or said "I just don't like him ,lets fire him because of that"...All I do is criticiseing his actions. Look for exapmle this thread and peoples reactions about some subs he made. And than when I say that he don't know how to make a sub than I hate him? Really?
Of course that I can accept that some of you don't agree about Montela with me. But surely I can't understand you. Most of you speaks about yourselves as "big fans of Milan"...And than you support "coach" which makes that same belowed Milan 20% weaker than it really is...How is that possible?

About jokes or "jokes"...When you make some joke than you usually put some smile or something ,right?
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
You do know you can hate someone as a coach but still like him as a person... My team here in Aus had john van't schip as coach and although I liked him as a person, I hated him as a coach... he was terrible...

It's sad that you can't accept other people's opinions.
It is my opinion that Montella is doing a decent job... Not great, not terrible, just decent... I'd prefer the stability of keeping the same coach to give him a chance with better players and see what he does. It's your opinion that he's a terrible coach and makes Milan "20% weaker than it really is" and then you insinuate that we cant be "big fans of Milan" because we don't agree with you? When did a discussion about our coach turn into... He's a terrible coach and anyone that disagree's is not a real fan?

As for jokes... As I said, I was trying to be funny... Not saying a joke. Plus, in person, I don't say a joke and then immediately smile or laugh so why would I do the same on a post?
You post quite often about your discontent toward Montella's coaching so I thought I'd try lighten the mood with a funny comment. Clearly it was taken the wrong way. sorry. I'll remember that for next time.
than my question is still the same??
who will you appoint to replace montella?