Summer transfer window 2017
(05-25-2017, 08:28 AM)sylrus Wrote: Damn the days that we have a partnership like inzaghi and sheva again makes me droll and dreaminh. Cmon guys make it reasonable pls. Although we do have the money, no way we are getting those 2 in the same mercato. I prefer belotti over morata though.

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Inzaghi and Sheva had Pirlo, Seedorf and Rui Costa behind them.... Sagrin
then we need to get a new pirlo, seedorf and rui, simple, Devilol
Pedulla says that the next target for Milan is definitely Conti. Meeting between Atalanta DS and Milan at Casa Milan today. To finalize Kessie but also negotiate for Conti who is valued at 20mil.

If we get Conti, than we are definitely playing 3-5-2 next season. Wonder of we will also get another CB in that case.
Ferrero confirms Milan's interest in Schick, but he insists on keeping him one more year (probably loaned back). I'd be fine with that if we got Papu as the short term solution for our side.
It's a good idea Dev, but I don't know that we are in a position to spend 25mil on a player and leave him at his club for a year.

The way I see it, if we get Conti and go to 3-5-2, we are still in need of about 3 players on top of Musacchio, Kessie, RR, and Conti in order to be a complete and quality team. I think we are better off using that 25mil to immediately reinforce the team.

News about SPAL also wanting Lapadula but they probably can't afford him so it would be a loan. I wonder if we can swap him for their CB Vicari. I've read a couple of reports this year about how well he's done, that he might be the "new Caldara", and that Inter was wanting to buy him for 10mil and leave him there for another year. I've never seen him play so I'm purely talking from reading some stuff about him. Maybe if he is that good (also only 22 years old now) we can swap Lapadula for him and still leave him there for a year. No cash paid but we secure a potentially great CB for the future.
Also, Sosa seems on the verge of leaving according to this. I wonder if we'll be able to recoup some of the money we spent on him.

In other news, Atalanta seems to be interested in a host of our players amidst all the rumors of our negotiations for there might be some part exchange players involved in that deal. Bertolacci, Niang, Calabria, Felicioli are some of the names mentioned. The first two I don't mind giving away. The second two, I hope that if they leave, it is only some sort of a loan or if not, than a buy-back clause. We've been burned way too many times by just giving young players away.

Can't say I'm disappointed about some of the "outgoing" rumors today. We really need to start trimming the squad so that we don't end up with a 30+ player roster come August and not be able to get rid of some of them.
Antalyaspor wants Sosa ,Zapata and Palleta. If they took 2 of 3 it would be great.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
I think we should definitely keep 1 out of Zapata and Paletta. We WILL need back up/rotation players next year, so in all honesty we can't just sell everyone off.

Sosa on the other hand....if we can get rid of him, we should even pack his bags and make it as easy as possible for him to gtfo!
We'll buy DeVrij as replacement for Palleta.  3bandiera
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Well that would be something!

-----Musacchio-De Vrij-Romagnoli-----

Problem is all 3 of those starting CBs are injury prone, so we STILL need someone as a back up. Can't only be Gomez. Big Grin

Rodrigo Caio can be another option. Just saw on transfermarketweb (shit source I know) that Inter and Roma are interested and the price is 18mil (which I'm sure can be brought down). I know we were interested in him in the past and there were a lot of links to him.
Of course, De Vrij is quality and the fact that he knows the league is an added bonus.
I agree nefremo, but I see Schick as a major purchase for the future if not immediate. I would assume we might be able to work out a deal with Sampdoria to defer payments if he stays there.

I agree on Calabria and Felicioli, both have show quality that shouldn't be ignored, so I'd rather we not sell. I'm fine with loaning.