Summer transfer window 2017
Completely agree. How is Perin these days anyway?  Sagrin
Seems like everyone is welcoming the hard-line which our new owners are taking with regards to blood sucking agents and the likes.
I for one am enjoying Raiola squirming in his boots trying to deal with the situation that is quickly slipping out of his grasp. We're proving we have the financial clout and have no qualms with benching his star talent for a year to let him go for nothing just to screw with him. And because we're being so transparent with everything in the media, he cannot spin it in any way that is advantageous to himself.

To be honest, I cannot wait to see his next move. his stupid claims that there are 11 top clubs looking for Gigio is backfiring spectacularly, and if the reports that we're forcing Gigio's parents to choose between playing for the club and getting rid of Raiola are true, I for one will be enjoying the karma coming his way.

Without Berlu and Galliani sucking on his D, let's see what sort of cards he can play now.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
(06-04-2017, 02:52 PM)Joël Wrote: Btw what do you guys think? I like the big money transfers and the instant quality they add. But why doesn't our management look at the smaller talents the ones who aren't as hyped. If you look at the   Ligue 1 for example or the Southern American leagues or teams like Dinamo Zagreb. The amount of talent that pops up there every year could really give us a quality boost for the bench for example.

Most of those players won't reach the world class quality but they are good squad player for prices lower than 10 million. If you look at this Dembele for example I'm sure that he has talent but he'll cost a lot to and the only reason for that is that he's hyped. I'm sure that with some good scouting we can find a equally talented player for half his money.  Maybe they want to build the base first so that they have that ready and the steals will come near the end of the market. At least I hope so because a team with 5 rather expensive new players together with the average core won't work in my opinion.

It depends on what you're looking for, I think for the moment, the management is focused on big targets for the rebuilding process. Guys like Kessie, Conti, Rodriguez and others would be additions to the likes of building foundations around Donnarumma (hopefully), Romagnoli, Locatelli, Suso etc. I assume if we were to get Dembele, it would be as a similar sort of signing.

However, pretty much any team that wants to start an ambitious project will always try to make big name signings. For example, City did it with names like Aguero, Toure and Silva and PSG with Ibra, Cavani and Silva (hmm, maybe we need to get Andre Silva to continue the trend! Big Grin ). This isn't new, Berlusconi did this when he got Milan by signing Van Basten and Gullit. That's why they want a name like Morata, a big name signing that makes a statement.

Speaking of Dembele, I can't say I've seen too much of him, but remember seeing him for France youth teams where he looked like a great player, physically strong and a strong shot with good technical qualities. We need to keep an eye on French talents, there's a lot that have been coming through in the last few years and they seemed to have followed Spain and Germany in developing strong young talents.

In other news, Rome papers suggest Biglia will join for 21m plus 4m bonuses, but it seems very unlikely we'd pay that much. This week should hopefully see Biglia sorted, Conti and Rodriguez progressed and hopefully some news regarding Morata (by Tuesday). If it looks like it's unfeasible, then I believe we'll be pushing on for Belotti (we're set to meet Cairo on Tuesday, hence I believe understanding Morata's intention needs to be done by then). 

Also, I'm very happy with the hard line the management seem to be taking with Donnarumma, it's either Milan or Raiola.
Quote:R. Rodriguez will take his medicals this week. The green light for Biglia's transfer is expected from Lazio by Wednesday. [@AlfredoPedulla]

Meanwhile, Conti has chosen Milan and a meeting to find an understanding is expected with Atalanta this week. [@AlfredoPedulla]

Milan will also attempt to sign Morata this week, while Belotti and Andre Silva remain the alternatives. [@AlfredoPedulla]

Ok... where do I start, miss a couple of days and There's 6 pages worth of comments... Good signs, I'd say...

He can go... Happy to sell him off if need be. He's clearly too good for Milan so let the snake take him wherever they want as long as they give us 100mill for him...

Jorge Mendes - Plenty of good players on his list but not sure it wasn't more than just a casual chat. In saying that, that shows the world that we're serious...

Andre Silva as a plan B - Good striker with great potential but still quite Raw... A risk, but a risk I would happily take.

Talisca - No thank you. As someone that saw him play most weeks at Benfica, unless he's drastically improved this season, I don't think he's anywhere near good enough... Far from Benfica's best midfield and there are much better midfielders in other teams...

Nelson Semedo - Not a huge fan... a good player but just that - for me just another overrated Benfica player. Would rather Conti in a heartbeat.

Dembele - Great player, but like Andre Silva, a risk... Would rather take the risk on Andre Silva then him. I've seen more quality from Silva and he'd likely come at a lower cost.

"Milan are taking a hard line on Donnarumma, with reports he’s been asked to choose between his club and agent Raiola - Corriere della Sera" please tell me this is true... The ideal situation for me would be he signs and dumps Raiola... Would happily take Mendes over Raiola any day! I'd even consider bumping up the remaining Raiola's players wages if they dumped him also...
Quote:"The representative wants a series of clauses introduced to the contract which would allow Donnarumma an exit from the club if the new project under Chinese ownership doesn’t pay off.

It would not only mean a release clause for a sum over €100m, but also the pledge to sell if Milan failed to qualify for the Champions League."

It's things like this that make me think more and more that we need to sever all ties to the snake...
Quote:Milan offered Sampdoria €33m to sign Schick in the last few days, however, the player will soon sign for Juventus [GdS].

good player but not worth that much...
Rumors that Bayern wants to sell both Renato Sanches and Douglas Costa. While we have discussed Costa here before, Sanches is something new. I think he is totally worth the risk and I think he will turn out to be a spectacular player. He just needs time and patience. I don't see why Bayern wants to give up so soon after investing 40mil in him. I definitely wouldn't mind taking him here.
(06-05-2017, 03:59 AM)nefremo Wrote: Rumors that Bayern wants to sell both Renato Sanches and Douglas Costa. While we have discussed Costa here before, Sanches is something new. I think he is totally worth the risk and I think he will turn out to be a spectacular player. He just needs time and patience. I don't see why Bayern wants to give up so soon after investing 40mil in him. I definitely wouldn't mind taking him here.

I'd definitely take both. I think Renato Sanches suffered the usual fate that most Benfica players have... They're usually massively hyped up while very few have actually gone off and lived up to their expectation... Bernardo Silva, Oblak, and to an extent(although he was a huge flop at Barcelona) Andre Gomes are the only that come to mind that hit the heights expected of them. 
He's a talented kid, but extremely raw. He still needs a bit of work and clearly Bayern aren't patient enough to persist. I would happily be patient and bring him over but to bring him through like we'll hopefully do with Loca, not as a starter... We still need a creative midfielder. they did promise a big name for attack and midfield... they've obviously got someone in mind. Hopefully someone creative.

As for Douglas Costa, he would be a much better option then Papu or Keita anyway.