Summer transfer window 2017
I'd take Costa Smile we all would I think.Rodriguez & Biglia rumoured to be done this week.But Morata looks increasingly unlikely.Belotti seems more plausible but his fee is ridiculous.No team will pay €100/€90/€80/€70m for him.Hes good but in reality isn't worth more than €35m & bonuses.It all depends in if Cairo panics because there's no offers and seeing as he didn't score in last 9 or 10 games IIRC he could have a far less impressive tally next year and fall way off in value.
Would rather splash cash on Costa and Sanches than blow that money on Belotti alone
Latest piece of news, we don't mind selling De Sciglio, just not to Juventus.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
(06-05-2017, 03:59 AM)nefremo Wrote: Rumors that Bayern wants to sell both Renato Sanches and Douglas Costa. While we have discussed Costa here before, Sanches is something new. I think he is totally worth the risk and I think he will turn out to be a spectacular player. He just needs time and patience. I don't see why Bayern wants to give up so soon after investing 40mil in him. I definitely wouldn't mind taking him here.

Maybe Bayern don't want to give up on him but he's the one that's pushing for a move. He made the wrong decision for his career in going there at this age. I honestly think young players deserve these situations for being too arrogant. Players like Pjaca, Sanches, Koman are youngsters who expect to walk straight into the starting eleven or believe that it's inevitable. The clubs who invested in these players only consider it a smart investment and it often turns out to be the case.. but for the players themselves, they're eventually going to have to move to a newer smaller club after this big move after realizing that they're not finding space. The big club gets the profit they wanted but it's the player who pays the consequences by having to adapt to new leagues and teams.

We can't overspend on players if we aren't ready to give them space. Milan aren't at the PSG, Bayern, Juventus stage yet. If we buy an 18-21 year old for 40m+ we must have enough to be able to give them enough time.

I hope Keita Balde doesn't fall for this trap by going to Juventus. If his contract was a 5 year one, he'd be worth 40-50m by now. We must take advantage of his situation with Lazio and wrap him up asap. Signing Biglia for a high price of 18+4m sorta gives you the indication that we may be overpaying for Biglia to guarantee signing Keita - I hope that that's the cas.e
I want players who want to play for Milan. Therefore, bring on Belotti
(06-05-2017, 12:21 PM)Ryo Wrote: Latest piece of news, we don't mind selling De Sciglio, just not to Juventus.

This I agree with. Never sell a player to direct longtime rivals. If he turns to shitt then everybody will just forget about him; but if he succeeds it will be very irritating for us Milan fans.
(06-05-2017, 04:12 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: I want players who want to play for Milan.  Therefore, bring on Belotti

a few pictures tell a thousand words..^^^^^..a younger Belotti photographed with Crudelli, Paolo & SuperPippo...if he joins us, he'll give everythin for the shirt..his heart bleeds red and black..forget about Morata, Andre Silva or whoever else...with Miha liking Kucka & Niang, durin his spell at Milan, i'm sure we can reach an agreement with Cairo tomorrow
"Maybe I need a new challenge. I remember when a France team-mate told me once,  'When you wear the AC Milan shirt, it shows you have succeeded. That makes me think."... William Gallas.... Devilcool
(06-05-2017, 01:49 PM)Hitman Wrote: We must take advantage of his situation with Lazio and wrap him up asap. Signing Biglia for a high price of 18+4m sorta gives you the indication that we may be overpaying for Biglia to guarantee signing Keita - I hope that that's the cas.e

Maybe so, but I don't think dealing with Lazio is the major problem here. It seems like Mirabelli had a deal with Keita's agent for a long time which is why we entered the negotiations with Lazio about a double deal for Keita and Biglia. I think our offer was obviously off from what Lazio was demanding but in the end, imo, the clubs would have found an agreement. The bigger problem is the fact that Keita has changed his tone as soon as Juventus entered the frame and he screwed everything up. So at this point, as I said, I don't think dealing with Lazio is the problem...hence no need to overpay for Biglia in order to get Keita doesn't seem to want to come here anyway. This is why the negotiations are now separate and we are dealing with Biglia on his own. 

I think we should just forget about Keita. Screw him. We need players that want to play here, not ones that completely go back on their word to us the moment another club (especially Juventus) enters the frame. As far as I'm concerned, assuming the reports about this are true, I hope that we move on to other targets. Leave Keita at Lazio and let Juventus take him if he really wants them. There are other players out there just as good as, and actually better than, Keita. We are clearly dealing with a problematic individual. Every summer he has created a stir, and it seems to be no different this time around.
Latest news from around the internet:

1.) Morata interest cooling, meetings (said to be for Tuesday) have been cancelled and Management are looking at the alternatives. Target are of course Belotti and Aubameyang, though there is debate amongst sources on who is being pegged as the primary, and who is the backup.

2.) Management pressure seems to be working as Gigio's family is recommending he stay at Milan. I guess Raiola hasn't been able to convince the parents, and is currently risking the loss of Gigio as a client if he pushes too hard for those clauses.

3.) Milan are giving an OK to sell Poli to Bologna. Expected to recoup 2-3M Euros, but Poli still needs to agree to terms first.

4.) Ricardo Rodriguez medical penned for Wednesday.

5.) Atalanta's Conti is set for a meeting with Milan management this Thursday.

6.) SPAL wants Rodrigo Ely and Vangioni. Milan open to sending them on loan.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Quote:“We write these lines in spite of ourselves, because we think the situation being created with ‘Donnarumma-gate’ is crazy,” Curva Sud Milano wrote on their official website.
“We’re talking about a phenomenon, but one who is very young and in the hands of an unscrupulous agent, and he finds himself in a situation which is making Milan fans and the club more than a little nervous.
“It’s incredible how a person can do all this by keeping a club like Milan on hold, and partly making an 18-year-old lad go from kissing the badge every Sunday to being an object of discussion.
“The will of the player must have a weight, the will of the club too, it’s not possible for certain characters to have no scruples and to allow certain behaviours, since the main purpose of this mercenary is to find an agreement and insert clauses in his own favour.
“That’s what happened with [Paul] Pogba and Juventus, so he can trouser a lot of money on a future sale.
“We talk so much about Italian football in crisis, with lower financial power than other countries, but if the rules allow certain people to take money out of the football world for their own personal gain it’s impossible to hope for growth.
“These are millions of Euros which are taken out of circulation in football and will never come back.
“There are clubs abroad which have closed their doors to certain agents, unfortunately Milan decided to open their doors to certain people and today sadly we’re seeing the results of that kind of management.
“We hope that the new owners can finally free us of these characters and start again in a virtuous manner, without submitting to blackmail.
“We also strongly hope for an intervention by the Federation [FIGC], to limit the power which rests in the hands of agents, because all the elements of football which fall under its jurisdiction have the ultimate purpose of growing our movement and not filling the pockets of those who manage the relationships between players and clubs.
“To Gigio we ask him once again to prove his character and his love for Milan, but with concrete facts.
“Unfortunately love isn’t only nourished with kisses, but also with great gestures.”