Summer transfer window 2017
it's said that Sanchez already agreed with City months ago. he asked 16 m euros net wages from PSG because of it.

The live Milan event tomorrow will take place after the market closes, it will be Fassone and Mirabelli talking about it. [@AntoVitiello] a
(08-30-2017, 09:34 PM)Rimini Wrote: it's said that Sanchez already agreed with City months ago. he asked 16 m euros net wages from PSG because of it.

Huh ? Why post this , just curious not taking the piss
I presume tomorrow is mostly just a PR stunt more than anything. With it being when the mercato officially closes, it seems unlikely it would for any special announcement and it's probably a smart move to communicate with the fans and reiterate the good work done this mercato, especially as because August has been pretty quiet and the optimism among fans has dampened a little.

That said, i can't deny a small part of me does still dream of something special after being spoiled this summer Big Grin
I think we all hold out hope of a surprise and will do until itd over.
Jankto if Niang leaves? Good enough imo.

Hope for a Rafinha loan too. We should be set with that.

No need for another CB since it looks like both Paletta and Gomez will stay after all.

I also still hold hope that Sosa will leave. As a matter of fact, departures are my biggest hope, even if we don't bring anyone. We need to get to January ready to alter the squad if need be. So if we sell a few now and keep the cash for eventual January purchases, I'd be happy.
(08-30-2017, 07:48 PM)Jay Crisp Wrote: Oh my , where to start.
You seem to not realise these are the deals of the previous ownership & CEO and not the current ownership.Have no idea why you single out Montella as he had little to no say in who Galliani signed last year.When approached Sosa or no one what do ya say ? Whats he to do ??? Say no one please

I've single out Montella under Solution, not under Problem (although he bears resposibility for the fitness). I'm trying to look forward, instead of talking about the past.

To an outsider like me, it seems nobody wants to leave because they have high salaries, for a little work, and no personal responsibility. I expect Montella to roll up his sleeves, not just for fashion, and make them sweat those millions they get paid.

Btw, it's brainstorming. I don't have all the solutions, and I hope many will chime in.
By now it has become simply a matter of principle and ethics. Nobody expected more hits between 30 and 31 (or at least few). We would appreciate how the environment and the excellent rose set up changed, net of some shortcomings. But if you go out on the last day of the market, creating hype (because that's what they did), it's okay. The "stay tuned", unified networks, the use of acronym on the famous motto of our summer are all dots that create a precise puzzle, which can not be ignored. Serious communicative error. Nothing more and nothing less. Discontent has nothing to do with the buying campaign.
You can read into it whatever you want man. Come on. It was a simple announcemenet. Could they have said, "Tomorrow, live market re-cap with Fassone and Mirabelli!"?? Sure, but they didn't. Fans are making more out of it, and then as usual we get diappointed.

We all wanted for the management to do all the business early. They did. What more do we want?? There was probably a chance of signing someone else, but it didn't materialize. We should be very happy with the work that was done.
The aim can not be more than making it into the CL places and to spend the amount we did is too much already. F&M decided to build a new team, nothing wrong with that...otherwise we could have spent 200 on 2 players.