Summer Mercato 2019
Cutrone not the type of player yet, that could play for 90 mins. His best is when entering for 25-30 minutes.
Today, Donato Orgnoni - agent of Patrick Cutrone - has made statements on his client Simone Verdi to Radio Marte. During the interview, he was also asked a question about the future of Cutrone and, the answer was: "We'll see". Contacted the same agent, he added the following: "The interpretative key of this statement is to be read as follows: Cutrone is a player who wants to play and has always accepted the coach's choices. It is normal that, if the spaces should be extremely reduced from here to the end of the season, in the summer we will evaluate with the club what may be the best solution for the boy and for Milan ". (MilanNews)
Tough pill to swallow. I love Cutrone but he's no Piatek
Kids these days! Big Grin

But seriously, if he was never given a prolonged opportunity, he would have been happy riding the bench now. Just because he has a decent 1 year or so, all of a sudden he is not happy to be on the bench and thinks that he should be starting no matter how many goals the other striker is scoring. This is life in a big club. There is competition, there are superstars that come in, etc, etc. You gotta fight for your spot on the team and recognize when someone else is in better form and doing better things then you. You don't have to be happy about it, but the (bad) attitude of Cutrone is there for all to see. He just doesn't have the same joy anymore. He looks frustrated.

Young players these days think that they've made it with 1 good season. I'd be very disappointed in Cutrone if he decides to leave just because he has to share time on the field with Piatek. Doesn't say much about his character if that's the case. I would understand it if Milan completely doesn't trust him....but he was (and still is) considered the golden boy just a month ago. Put your head down, keep working and see what happens. Give it some time.

But whatever, if he wants to go, he can go. No sane person in the world would sit Piatek on the bench at the moment. The guy is on absolute fire...but he can very well get "cold" next month. That's when Cutrone needs to step in. This is what happens in every big club. We had Sheva, Crespo, Inzaghi and Tomasson at 1 point. Kaka and Rui were also on the team. If Inzaghi had Cutrone's attitude he would have been gone because Crespo was in clearly better form. Same with Tomasson, who was a very underrated striker and could have been a starter for 18 out of the 20 Serie A teams at the time. You go 2 years before that year in 2003, and we brought in Rivaldo. AGAIN Inzaghi wasn't necessarily considered a sure thing in the line up as it was supposed to be Rivaldo and Sheva up there. BUT, again he kept doing what he does and it was Rivaldo that ended up leaving. These kids should learn something from people like Inzaghi. Instead, they score 20 goals in their career and start pouting like little bitches when they don't enter the field or when they get substituted.

I don't want this to come across as if I don't like Cutrone. I love his fighting spirit and his eye for goal. It really looks like he has a good future ahead of him. But I also recognize that Piatek is far more dangerous and deadly at the moment and Cutrone should take that as it is and try to improve.
According to Manchester Evening News both Manchester United and Chelsea will battle for Alessio Romagnoli. £65/€84 million.
(02-26-2019, 10:57 AM)Arildonardo Wrote: According to Manchester Evening News both Manchester United and Chelsea will battle for Alessio Romagnoli. £65/€84 million.

That's a very big offer which reflect Romagnoli true value.
Good post Nefremo. Share your opinion fully
(02-26-2019, 11:39 AM)hwmook Wrote: That's a very big offer which reflect Romagnoli true value.

In today's market Romagnoli is worth more than 100M. He is Milan's captain after all, and the best Italian CB alongside Chiellini. 

As a matter of fact, to us, Romagnoli should be absolutely unsellable. If we are serious about getting back into Europe's elite, Romagnoli should not be sold. We need continuity. We need trust in the project. We need people that are constantly improving and growing. We need serious professionals that sre considered top players. Romagnoli is all of those things.
Falcao to join us?
EPL clubs bought the likes of van dijk, stones for 70m, 50m

Of course Romagnoli worth more.