Milan vs. Sassuolo 3/2/19
We got past Merda, but signs are worrying because since the Lazio match, it feels like teams have got our number when we're doing nothing but defending.

Thing is, this team have the talent to actually press well in midfield and build up play well enough to create the chances that Piatek or Cutrone need to put the ball in the net every match... multiple times...

Gattuso's insistence on "balance" is making us way more defensive than we have to be, and it's hindering us during counter attacks because our wings have been on a defending mentality for too long. Seriously, if we conceded near the end of this match, I couldn't see us getting another goal in quick order to restore a lead, because the team were already mentally on the defensive.

Gattuso should be playing this game when we are 3-0 or 4-0 up, not when we're 1-0 up against a team with 10 men and a backup keeper in goal.....
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
(03-02-2019, 08:00 PM)devoted_dm Wrote: And on a positive note we've become incredibly difficult to score against. So many people are complaining about Gattuso, but he has definitely gotten the back four to keep things tight.

That's true. Milan's defense since December reminds me of 93-94.  Heck, even offense is similar, with the inability to score. (At least we got three games in a row that we scored 3 goals; iirc, there was not one single game in 93-94 that we scored more than two goals. Yet we still won the scudetto. Big Grin)
Donnarumma easily is the MOTM. No way Suso can be that, though I am not sure if he was the worst.
The crowd were MOTM, 61k showing up to support this hopefully CL bound Milan
(03-02-2019, 09:34 PM)xudong Wrote: Donnarumma easily is the MOTM.  No way Suso can be that, though I am not sure if he was the worst.

I can accept Donnarumma but Suso created the goal and most chances
To be fair.. yes Suso created the goal.. and some chances but his overall play was mediocre at best.. the last 25mins, i only saw him during that Freekick.. other than that, its like 10vs10
I feel the same way. Suso looks either tired or lazy to me.
Lazio doing us a big favour tonight, just made it 3-0 against Roma. Suddenly we're four points from 5th.