Summer Mercato 2019

Samp: Tottenham sacrifice 35 mln per Andersen

good news as is getting far away from us
Kramaric’s agent to @RadioRossonera: “There has been no contact with Milan, Kramaric is very happy at Hoffenheim, however something could materialize in the future.”

Arsenal reportedly look to be facing growing interest in the potential transfer of midfielder Lucas Torreira as Napoli join AC Milan in keeping tabs on the player.
Aurelio De Laurentiis "With all due respect for Manolas, he’s worth far less than €36m"

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Since I have been getting more reports:

Mazen, Mboppe and new comers please try to engage and debate with a dose of realism and a bit more thoughtfulness.
Everybody, if you need to please use the ignore function, I would rather not take action against somebody only cause posts too much, uses too many one liners or things like that.
(06-19-2019, 12:22 PM)Mboppi Wrote: So you want to stop losing money? How do you it? Get into Champions League. How to get into Champions League? Easy, sign top tier quality players. Are Sensi, Vertout, Krunic top tier quality? No, they are squad players and stop throwing Krunic's stats at Empoli like it's a mark of quality. If Krunic can get the same stats here as a starter then great but SMS who had a bad season is still far superior than all three of them. In fact, why not get Ceballos from RM who is levels above and value at the same price as fucking Vertout.

Perhaps you are so accustomed to mediocrity these past 7 years you are OK with it but not me or any Milan fan who grew up watching Nesta, Kaka, Sheva, Pirlo, Seedorf, Pato in their childhoods who now are seeing mid-table players wearing Milan jersies. The point is if our aims is get back to the top then get players who can. More Piateks and Paquetas and less Betros and Montos.

I'm not okay with the current situation,  But I'm also not an idiot.How can you not understand Milan CANNOT!!! SIGN!!! TOP!!! TIER!!! PLAYERS!!! IN!!! 2019!!! they cannot afford them they cannot attract and they cannot pay their fucking wages.
How do you not understand this , if you have €20K to buy a new car you cant buy a fucking Ferrari.Im baffled as to how you are totally oblivious to the reasons why Milan cant and dont just go out and sign Insigne Manolas Mbappe Modric Demebele Bale.

You also don't seem to know football very well.I can guarantee you have not seen one full 90 minutes of Sensi Krunic Veretout.
I grew up watching Gullit Rijkaard Boban Savicevic Van Basten Maldini Baresi Papin Donadoni , so I'm very accustomed to what Milan used to be.Remember used to be , because that's not the reality anymore.No matter how many times you say MILAN MUST TOP TIER PLAYERS thats not realistic its delusional and downright stupid to keep spouting the same crap when it's impossible.
how on earth a player like vertout worth 23 mil, and a player like sensi 25 ... i do not agree on that at all ... each 10 by max 12
Turkey international defender Merih Demiral is having his medical for a €15m transfer from Sassuolo to Juventus today.

good and well priced ... milan are silly in transfers ... they thug money from transfers for sure
jay crisp wrote

You also don't seem to know football very well.I can guarantee you have not seen one full 90 minutes of Sensi Krunic Veretout.

do u watch these players?!! i understood where you are coming from. ur brain comprehend them nicely looooool
so if someone like jay crisp was our transfer guru... what will happen ... we would sell donnarumma for 20 mil and buy Federico Santander for 40 mil