Summer Mercato 2019
Laxalt to Atalanta
| Di Marzio:

The agreement was made between Laxalt and Atlanta. The deal could be closed tomorrow
I wonder what will be the excuse when Laxalt's deal falls through...
(08-21-2019, 09:51 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: I wonder what will be the excuse when Laxalt's deal falls through...

Not a Champions league level player...
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It is hard to buy midfielders if our players can not be sold or no satisfied offer arrives. Kessie rejected to move otherwise Maldini co might buy a quality CM as replacement. Suso on the other hand can not attract club who want to invest 40 mil on him. If we could sell the Spaniard, we could see a realiable CAM in our roster. Similar case with Biglia, we could only relase him without any fee for us LOL. I doubt we are going to buy a very good midfielder except we can sell Samu and/or Biglia.

There is still time to get players but it seems our priority now is to sell transfer-listed players. If we manage to sell almost all of them, we might see a surprise especially if tempting offer for Suso comes. Until now, I only expect we only buy Correa for our last major signing.
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(08-21-2019, 03:37 AM)WCmilan Wrote: Drama could come, but he's been the most consistently prolific striker in Serie A over the past few seasons. Last season was a falling out the entire season with Merda so you couldn't expect much, but I'd certainly take him at the right price.

Drama or not, Icardi isn't the right type of striker for this team. A poacher/target man type wouldn't work here because we can't provide enough support from midfield/winger positions. If you wanna know how that would look, just take a look at what happened to Higuain last season. All the stuff you said about Icardi can be said about Higuain too, and he struggled badly here. Until we fix the midfield, we need strikers that are more complete instead of poachers.
I actually think Laxalt will benefit Atalanta
Angel Correa's agent is in Milano. He is awaiting the unblocking of Andre Silva's sale to get the deal closed [Di Marzio]
(08-21-2019, 10:38 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: I actually think Laxalt will benefit Atalanta

Surely and he will even score against us.
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Pescara made an attempt for Matteo Gabbia but Milan turned them down, per @AlfredoPedulla