Winter mercato 2022
(10-13-2021, 02:48 PM)Bennacer Wrote: We have to stay positive. Mirante has loads og experience and can do a decent job. No Maignan, but solid. Theo out for 10-15 days, and maybe problems afterwords like Bennacer, Giroud and others. Thats a big blow. He is so extremely important for how we play, Toure has shown nothing so this could be interesting. Hope we can have this narrow 1-0 wins until we have him back. He will at least lose Verona, Porto, and Bologna, maybe also Roma...

Mye hope is that we have that spririt within which helps us a lot in difficult times.

Forza Milan!

aka xudong
(10-13-2021, 06:00 PM)Reso Wrote: I hate Suarez so much. Very dirty player. He did this maignan

Do we know for sure that's how Maignan's hand got injured? 

Maybe Suarez bit him.  Grinundwech
aka xudong
(10-13-2021, 06:04 PM)ACM2021 Wrote: Do we know for sure that's how Maignan's hand got injured? 

Maybe Suarez bit him.  Grinundwech

Pretty sure it was Suarez. I was worried when Suarez charged him like that. 

Lol suarez didn't bite him. We all know what Suarez did to chiellini Devilol
Maignan was with France in the Nationa League, so the injury was not from Suarez
No ho visto Superman volare, ma ho visto Super Pippo segnare. I supereroi esistono davvero.
It was said that he had pain prior to going away with France. Which begs the question...why did we allow him to go? We could have saved ourselves 2 weeks right there. Seems like he'll be out until mid December! Fucking terrible. I do NOT trust Tata and definitely not Mirante.

Our luck man! What the actual F!?!?!? We finally look like the best team in this damn league, and now our GK is out for the rest of the year, our LB is out for at least 10 days....freaking bullshit!!!?!?
Stupid friendly tournament caused a host of injuries for many clubs. Courtouis was right to complain about it.
What for are this shit games of nations league? Fuck
Wasn't Antonio Donnarumma available?

Would have fitted like a glove given he spent 4 years at the club...
Will Mirante need weeks of personalised fitness training to get in shape like Messias?
What’s the scouting report on Mirante? Can he distribute? Is he a shot blocker? Are really starting Tata????