Summer mercato 2012
Kaka is really only interested in how much he can earn as his career winds down....he knows it would be a bit difficult to say the least for him to get a call up for the Brazil team based on how Oscar et al are playing, and few if any teams can afford to match the wages he's on @ Madrid....

So what does he do?

He stays where he knows he's guaranteed £11M (or is it €?) per annum.

And I have no problem with that. He has always been a money grabbing hypocrite, and I don't expect him to change in his "old" age.
The other thing is about winning. It is always better to be on the bench for a championship team than be the star of a losing team.
Real is a much better team than Milan at this moment on top of that, he is earning more. I really can't see why he wants to come to Milan. Face it, if he does take a paycut to play outside of Real, he got tons of options and Milan is just one of them, as I doubt teams like Pool, Arsenal, PSG, Juve, Inter, Dortmond...will all welcome a wage reduction Kaka with open arms.
I was really surprised that Kaka chose money over WC'14. He knows it so well that staying at Real Madrid basically means no chance to participate in WC'14.
aka xudong
Honestly let's forget kaka.. We should look at a good youth player for this position.. If we're building a strong team with young players why destroy that by spending so much money on kaka.. His wages + transfer fee can buy us someone like gotze or eriksen on 1/4 of his wages..

I mentioned it in the bologna-milan thread but..

Eriksen was linked with us in march, his agent said milan is his most desirable destination and will only go to us if he can come to italy, if not EPL is his next favoured league. However, his agent said he needs to stay in ajax at least another season (this season) to grow, then they'll figure out his future..

I won't be suprised if he's our target next summer, I still think we should of got giuseppe rossi cut price while we could, maybe in january we'll try
He's already got a slim chance now first with the emergence of Ganso and then Lucas and Oscar. They're much younger and fitter and have bigger chance to improve both technically and physically in two years, whereas it has been downhill for Kaka since he left Milan and judging by his current state, it's not going to stop anytime soon.
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This should serve as a clear warning to all players. Never leave Milan when you're at the top. It's only downhill from there. Look at Sheva and Kaka.

Instead, look at Inzaghi, retiring happy with Milan and fulfilled.

Anyone wants to bet on Thiago Silva and Ibra's fate?
French league is easier than Serie A so I think both Silva and Ibra still shine there. However, CL is a completely different story.
So far Ibra hasn't really.. Or I should say he's doing fine but PSG is doing terrible.. To early to judge I guess.
Well, Ibra has been scoring.

Silva has not been playing yet due to Olympics.

Pirlo is doing well so far.

Carlo won the EPL and got sacked and now he is the manager of PSG

Leo left and won the SuperCoppa with Inter, then he got his dream job at PSG.

Merkel is doing well and improving.

Beckham won MLS after leaving Milan.

Nesta is doing well at Montreal.

Bechkam's Galaxy or Nesta's Montreal are more for retirement. Any success there are not comparable to serie A or european trophy. They're over the hill already.

I'm talking about players who thought they're making vertical move, say to Madrid or Chelsea, or the new hype in France (PSG); or maybe Juve for that matter.

Pirlo counts, but i'm betting on him having his last glorious year at Juve before it becomes stale again for him AND his team. Eventually.. MLS or asian football for him.

In my opinion Carlo is declining and hasn't been able to invent anything new.

Merkel is young so doesn't count as being 'at the top'. It'll take years for him to be at the top, and that would involve him moving to a bigger club.