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Reza just had to mention Bielsa Big Grin
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Our new headcoach
Allegri has said this was his last Christmas at Milan, so he'll definitely leave in the summer.
I am glad to have this confirmed as I am quite tired of Allegri and don't believe that he has anything more to give to this team. It's about time for fresh faces and fresh ideas, especially if we are going to usher in a new era at Milan.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Tuesday December 31 2013
Allegri: 'My last Milan Christmas'
By Football Italia staff

Massimiliano Allegri admits “it’s my last Christmas at Milan and the last four months were disastrous.”

The Coach hopes 2014 can bring improvements and starts out by welcoming youth into his side, as today 15-year-old support striker Hachim Mastour and 15-year-old midfielder Manuel Locatelli #1join stars like Mario Balotelli and Ricky Kaka in training.

“The last four months in Serie A were disastrous,” confessed Allegri to Sky Sport Italia.

“In 2014 we are focusing on a great Champions League campaign. I am confident, even though Sulley Muntari and Riccardo Montolivo will be suspended for the first leg against Atletico Madrid #2.

“Plus there is the Coppa Italia to play for and in the League third place is a long way off, but we’ll do everything possible.”

In another interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Allegri acknowleged this is his final term at San Siro.

“I could’ve been the Coach who earned Milan’s second star, their 20th Scudetto. A phantom goal played a decisive role in my second Rossoneri season. We were not very lucky.”

He was referring to the infamous Sulley Muntari goal that crossed the line without being spotted by officials in their draw with Juventus.

I leave a good team that earned the love of the fans. #3 A team that with a few adjustments will have a future.

“The real regret is that I never had all the players at my disposal. The first choice full-backs were practically never available at the same time. We didn’t make mistakes in the medical staff, as we consulted with some of the best specialists in the world and it makes me angry that our doctors are under attack.

“I have always worked with enthusiasm and will continue right to the end. Why am I leaving? I decided the day it was made official I’d remain for one more season. I liked the idea of staying and finishing the job, but four years in one club is a long time.”

Clarence Seedorf is heavily tipped to be Allegri’s successor, despite having no management experience.

“I don’t know who will be the next Milan Coach and it’s not my problem. I can be certain this is my last Christmas at Milan, but I got there despite many people doubting I’d manage that.

“Seedorf gave a great deal in his penultimate season at Milan. He’s a great player, but I’d have loved to work with him when he was 28 rather than 35.”

There are other new arrivals, as Keisuke Honda and Adil Rami have joined from CSKA Moscow and Valencia respectively.

“I think they were good buys. The club is working well, is building the team also for next season so that we won’t need too many adjustments.

“As for Balotelli, this year will be good for his future. He will improve a great deal, has enormous potential and will also be crucial for the World Cup.”

Allegri was asked about rumours he is the favourite to take over from Cesare Prandelli on the Italy bench after Brazil 2014.

“What do I say about the colour Azzurro? It brings the sun, which makes you happy when you wake up in the morning.... The Nazionale has a great Coach who has brought wonderful results and can have a great World Cup.”


#1. who is he?
#2. montolivo will get only one match ban?
#3. no thanks to him. he could bring the team down to drainer and we still love them. but again, no thanks to him. Angry
aka xudong
He can bring whoever he wants to train with the team. Letting them play even when our team sucks....that's a different story.

After the past 2 seasons with Milan, who in their right mind would let him take charge of the National Team!? Milan is lucky to get ref decisions (refer to PKs the past 2 seasons) that allow us to maintain respectability in the standings. The Azzurri...not so lucky.

@Xu -- dunno on the Monti thing. I tried googling it but nothing came up. That will be interesting to learn though as he has the ability to impact our side positively and break up play against Atletico Madrid.
Old enough to remember this song Devilol

Thanks for your response, honsano. Smile

I don't think any coach has the gut to play 15-year-old, let alone that stubborn stupidfuck. Icon_lol2 I was just wondering if anyone knows he is. Mastour on the other hand has been so overhyped. Was he on the top of some 100 most talented youngster list? I hope that he actually turns out half as good as hyped.

That Montolivo thing is bugging me greatly. I searched high and low but apparently didn't know where exactly to look. Montolivo of now really bugs me, but in two months he could have picked up his game. To say the least, we would benefit from having more options on the bench. So, please, anyone who has certain news on Monto ban please share with us when you have it.
(12-31-2013, 05:32 PM)reza Wrote: Old enough to remember this song Devilol

1. I am old enough, but I don't remember this song. Big Grin Christmas has never been a big thing in my life, until now I have kids who expect gifts. Stupid Western culture. Sagrin

2. Why is this song in this thread? Isn't it off-topic? 1ban

aka xudong
Allegri mentioned 'last christmas', I remembered the song. Don't ban me Big Grin
I'd get Prandelli ... fighting hard for him... and give him who he wants.. and he will get us a Scudetto or at least in a battle for it.
(12-31-2013, 06:20 PM)reza Wrote: Allegri mentioned 'last christmas', I remembered the song. Don't ban me Big Grin

OK. but it is not up to me. I will talk to stitch and see what he can do. Grinundwech
aka xudong
(12-31-2013, 04:45 PM)xudong Wrote: #1. who is he?
#2. montolivo will get only one match ban?
#3. no thanks to him. he could bring the team down to drainer and we still love them. but again, no thanks to him. Angry

#1. I've heard about him and he's apparently one of our most interesting youth players. He's a midfielder and this is the only video I'm aware of him:


#2. I think it'll probably be 2 as it was a straight red. I don't think the decision has been made yet.

#3. lol