Rino Gattuso Thread
We don't have a gattuso thread?! WTF

So apparently in an interview post scudetto, a lot of people believe he's leaving. For me that's so sad. I had to write something.

You know if he goes, it wouldn't surprise me, but I'd be very sad. Rino is definitely type of person who would prefer to leave before he's asked to. He has a lot of pride. In fact it was only Allegri begging him to stay, that he did. He had signed with olympiakos last summer.

I'll always love him. My biggest regret as a fan EVER was doubting him and wanting him gone. Last year when he was so poor, off the knee injury, and at 32 I thought he was more of a hindrance more than a help. I'm seriously embarassed over that. But I can say today, I'm glad I went through that. It made me evaluate what's important to me as a fan. I'm proud to own his jersey

But for me., I think more than anything Gattuso embodies 2 characteristics I value more than anything in an athlete, intelligent and passion. The intelligence is what separates him from flamini, he may never have had much skill, but his brain is just so underrated.. as a footballer, leader etc., heck.... thats what separates him from brocchi who had just as much heart, and more skill. Rino in his prime was only behind Makelele to me in terms of footballing brain. Always being in right place, lifting the team with his play and his words.

And then beyond that, his passion. No one gave more for the shirt on this team than Rino. No one makes his teammates care more than Rino.

I'll leave this with a few words Allegri said “Gattuso is the heart of the team, is a real fighter, the ideal player that every coach would like to have with him,”

I hope he doesn't leave. I truly do. But if he does, I will always remember Rino. I always always remember the awkward player we got in 1999, the player I wondered "why is he on ac milan!? The player who grew into one of the best DMs and a Milan Legend.

And I'll take happiness (and a little ego boost) in fact, he's picked his successor. Maybe a different position but very much the same, Ignazio Abate.
all hail Gattuso... in fact, he was the player who attracted me into supporting Milan back in 2001..
I read from another forum that Rino himself admitted that he actually may leave for Russia.
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Rino should stay. What he offers to the dressing room is priceless. Then after he retires he can become part of our staff.
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Gattuso-Leonardo situation:

Lmaoo i love gattuso. he's right though Smile its beautiful to see this, hes probably crumbling right now under his decision to go to inter
(05-11-2011, 12:51 AM)Hasan Rossonero Wrote: Gattuso-Leonardo situation:


1. LOL at Corradi/Totti/Del Piero's reaction to Gattuso's singing. Icon_lol2
2. I can fully understand why Gattuso was (for personal reason too) upset with Leonardo, who almost buried his career with Milan.

I read from another forum a post by someone who seems to understand Italian. It was claimed that Abate started chanting along, but when he realized it was anti-Leonardo, he stopped. Can anyone confirm?

Quote: He may find after watching the footage that he has a stronger case for banning Gattuso from ever sitting astride anything in his underwear.

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It's true...at the bottom of my article, the video clearly shows Abate and how he stops singing. The way he looks around is so awkward Big Grin.
he probably thought it was the "undie" club meeting. poor kid. Big Grin
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I also watched that. I didn't know the song but I was confused why Abate only sang only about 1 sentence and then stopped singing.

If he realized it was chant to Leonardo, I am proud of him. If he kept singing, he would be just stupid character. As fan, we can mock Leonardo as we want but as player who found himself as star in Milan due to the trust Leonardo gave, he would be showing to the world ho much worse than Leonardo he was.

Salut Abate!
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