Poll: Who should be next Milan coach?
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Pippo, Who Else?
4 21.05%
Seedorf, Return of the Legend
2 10.53%
Berlusconi, 2 CFs or Bust
0 0%
Conte, Reformed Juventino
2 10.53%
Ancelotti, Back for the Attack
6 31.58%
Emery, Spanish Inquisition
3 15.79%
Jesus, Portuguese Saviour
0 0%
Sarri, More Midtable Experience
0 0%
Brocchi, Let's Ruin Another Career
0 0%
Bielsa, Let's Do this!
2 10.53%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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Head Coach talk 2015 and 2016 and beyond
As suggested here is a new poll to take us into a new era ... or not.

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(05-20-2015, 05:02 AM)reza Wrote: As suggested here is a new poll to take us into a new era ... or not.

Vote and post

"or not" part applies to poll or "new era"? I don't see a poll? Icon_lol2
Never mind, I saw the poll up just now.

1. Any chance you can still add Montella? His name has been brought up many times that I am really worried that it can be probable. Or, there can be only 10 choices?

2. To be honest, I don't know who I want to see. :d I am a nostalgic guy so naturally I would love to have Sacchi back, I mean, Ancelotti, Big Grin but I am not sure if he would be the perfect person to lead Milan into a new era (or not :d). I am also okay with Conte or Sarri or Emery. I think I need to sleep on it and come back to vote. Grinundwech
Poll is added. I meant new era Big Grin

Silly polls are limited to 10 choices, just add others in your posts Big Grin
That's okay. I don't like Montella anyway. :d

(05-20-2015, 05:13 AM)xudong Wrote: I think I need to sleep on it and come back to vote. Grinundwech

I am back from the 1-minute nap, and decided on Ancelotti. Carlo FTW!!! 3bandiera3bandiera3bandiera
bring back the dutch
he got idea that can make milan better
i was excited when i heard he wants to bring his colleague as a coach, i think he more like an english type of manager rather than just a coach like in italy
Bielsa would be a dream.
Carlo's return please. By far the best manager on that list and half the reason I wanted Juve to beat Real Madrid.
I am not one that wants to look in the past because we have never had any success when bringing former players/managers back.

BUT I voted for Carlo. The reason? Because he is definitely the best on that list. Conte is enticing too but there is no way he's leaving the National Team. Sarri is quality IMO, but not sure if he will be able to pull star names.

Franck De Boer is a favorite of mine....but he's not on the list.

So it came down between Carlo and Emery who is excellent and is an exciting option.
HOWEVER, my dream for this summer is Verratti. The one person out there who can definitely bring him back to Italy is Carlo. Verratti has said multiple times that Carlo is like a father, and Carlo has said multiple times how good of a player Verratti is (compared him to Pirlo recently and said he is the only true successor to him). It's meant to be guys Big Grin! Carlo will relaunch Milan like he did before, with Verratti as the Pirlo!