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I say Galliani for FIFA President Big Grin Maybe the only way we will get rid of him.
Who will be the interim president? Is there going to be an election for that?
(06-02-2015, 06:44 PM)xudong Wrote: Who will be the interim president? Is there going to be an election for that?

None. Blatter will remain in post until next elective congress(next election), which as stated earlier is probably between December to March... "to allow candidates to present themselves and campaign".
Good move, Sepp. Rolleyes

That reminds me, I believed Blatter actually announced that last term was his final one. What a snake. I wonder if he still has got something up his sleeves, but we won't find out for a few more months. Rolleyes
I'm not going to try and understand Blatter's decision as I think with him and FIFA it could mean pretty much anything. However, it appears as though recent events have ruffled some feathers in FIFA. My hope is pressure is sustained by the authorities, as it could bring about the change desired by most people
I am thinking that maybe Blatter had cut some deal to avoid going to jail.

I don't think major changes would occur though. FIFA will turn saints into corrupted pigs.
An interesting article on Blatter's resignation

I also found this very interesting
I really think that the 2018 world cup may be too soon for them to be able to change the host country but something most be done about that 2022 world cup in Qatar.
Siamo a posto cosi.
I wouldn't mind Qatar being replaced. It was a stupid choice to start with. Angry
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