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Even China is rumored to be a possible solution for 2018 or 2022. :d I guess anywhere would be an upgrade to Qatar. I just can't imagine a World Cup sandwiched by the two halves of Serie A or Champions League (hopefully we will be back in CL by then).
The biggest problem with the Qatar world cup from a logistics angle is the heat and the rescheduling to winter. It would put all the leagues into a twist. I can't even understand how this is being allowed.
The heat issue is being overplayed, the labour conditions and bribery deserve even more focus.
The Thierry Henry handball qualifier vs Ireland is back on the table.

you know... the handball that no one saw and got Ireland out of the Wolrdcup
how about the offside goal vs ukraine, or the penalty from a foul outside of penalty box vs bosnia? both of those games got them into big competitions too.
(06-05-2015, 12:00 PM)Stitch Wrote: how about the offside goal vs ukraine, or the penalty from a foul outside of penalty box vs bosnia? both of those games got them into big competitions too.

This is a chain reaction..
just wait till the CL final is over, everything will be open to discussion
Reza, I would very much support Canada for 2022, not just because I enjoy my time in that country, but because that would be of tremendous importance for Canada's football culture. It is really boring when you enter a pub there and they all watch hockey.

But I really expect Canada to host it maybe in 2026 or 2030.
Blatter's been linked to the 2010 World Cup bribe:

Things could fall apart very quickly if this stuff keeps cropping up.
The FBI and DoJ have done a remarkable job with this case. I don't think FIFA suspected this. They are also charging them under RICO which is pretty fucking fantastic. I don't see how FIFA can save themselves now.

The worrying thing however is that Platini might take over now. He's as if not more corrupt than Blatter and was the main backer of the Qatar bid.
Quote:FIFA Movie United Passions Makes $918 in U.S. Debut
Pamela McClintock / The Hollywood Reporter @THR June 9, 2015

Final weekend numbers show the FIFA-financed United Passions opening to a miserable $918 at the U.S. box office.

Writer-director Frederic Auburtin’s film beyond bombed in its limited debut in 10 theaters. Initial numbers reported by The Hollywood Reporter showed the film earning $607 on Friday and Saturday; updated numbers show the figure to be $634. United Passions earned another $284 on Sunday, according to those with access to figures.

United Passions also debuted on VOD, but rental and sales figures were not immediately available.

The timing of United Passions‘ debut in the U.S. couldn’t have been more ironic, coming just days after FIFA president Sepp Blatter was finally forced to resign in the wake of the indictment of 14 soccer officials on corruption charges.

The top-performing theater, as it were, was Laemmle’s NoHo 7 in North Hollywood ($249), followed by the Shirlington 7 in Hagerstown outside of Washington, D.C. ($192). New York City’s Cinema Village 3 reported $140 in ticket sales. At the other end of the spectrum, it appears that only two people went to see the film at ACM Cherry Hill 24 in Philadelphia, which reported $22 in revenue. United Passions also played in Phoenix, Kansas City, Miami, Minneapolis, Houston and Dallas.

Tim Roth plays Blatter in the historical drama, while Sam Neill portrays Blatter’s predecessor, Joao Havelange. Only Gerard Depardieu, who plays FIFA founder Jules Rimet and helped put the film together, showed up for the film’s world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. The movie’s budget is estimated at between $25 million to $32 million, with FIFA said to have put up about three-quarters of the money.

In his review, THR‘s Frank Scheck concluded, “Even without the cloud of the recent disturbing developments, United Passions is a cringeworthy, self-aggrandizing affair that mainly benefits from its unintentional camp value.”