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48 team World Cup 2026

The Bureau of the FIFA Council – comprised of the FIFA President and the presidents of each of the six confederations – convened this Thursday at the Home of FIFA in Zurich and agreed on a proposed slot allocation for the FIFA World Cup as of the 2026 edition.

The recommendation will now be submitted for the ratification of the FIFA Council, whose next meeting is scheduled for 9 May in Manama, Bahrain, two days prior to the 67th FIFA Congress.

Direct slots:

AFC (8)
CAF (9)
OFC (1)
UEFA (16)

The host country would also automatically qualify for the FIFA World Cup, and its slot would be taken from the quota of its confederation. In the event of co-hosting, the number of host countries to qualify automatically would be decided by the FIFA Council.

Play-off tournament for two remaining slots
RIP World Cup :'(
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(02-17-2017, 02:29 AM)xudong Wrote: If UEFA can host Euro 2020 in 13 cities, then FIFA can host WC 2026 in four countries. Proud Anything you can do, I can do better.  Stuckup 

Here is a spectacular idea: World Cup 2030 (the centennial one), let's have all the countries who have ever won WC trophy co-host this tournament. The final game will be in Uruguay. The two semi-finals will be in Brazil and Germany. The QFs will be in Italy, Argentina, France, and England. Wow, there are still plenty of games in Round of 16. Spain, Russia (WC winner 2018), Canada (WC winner 2022, Fiji (WC winner 2026), and whatever... Grinundwech

Xudong for FIFA President!!! Musik005 Musik005

wait... FIJI has a football team? I think I'm moving there... How long till I can play for the national team then?