Women World Cup 2015
I must say that I watched a bit of the Germany vs USA game before switching over to Argentina and the game was quite exciting. I think the Americans got a lucky penalty as the initial contact wasn't in the box but I'm sure you won't hear them complain too much Grinundwech
Siamo a posto cosi.
Was it a good game? A little surprised to see the US win, but Germany had been stalling a little after some great early performances.
I only watched a bit of the first half (30'-45'), during that period, USA was the better team. I feel that Germany was uninterested (or too tired from having to battle 120 minutes against France) and didn't show what people say about them. Definitely ran out of steam compared to earlier stage of tournament.
Thanks Xu. Smile

I didn't see the match, but sounds like Japan beat England with a bit of luck (own goal in stoppage time) to set up a final with the USA. It'll be interesting to see how the final plays out, it's a repeat of 2011.
Looks like Bonera and Mexes signed up Japan's women's team, atrocious defending by Japan, 1-4 behind now and 3 of them were poor by them and their goalie
2:5 now
Four of those goals were ridiculously poor. May be I don't follow women's football as closely as some but a final like this makes it unlikely to make a bigger fan.
Well done to the USA. I didn't see the final (it was too late), but will look to catch highlights. Sounds like Japan really had a 15 minute nightmare that lost them the match.