Jose Mauri
Right about the penalty miss Xu. Anyway, I think it's fine, Jose Mauri I believe grew up in Argentina and only moved to Italy in 2011? Plus his idol is Mascherano, who obviously plays for Argentina.
Is this player still playing with us?
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
He is (I think Big Grin). He was injured and left out of the US trip.
So any news on Mauri? Is he suddenly horrible now that he joins us? I hope he goes on loan. No reason we should ruin this player with the shit show of a season we are going to have.
I think he's been injured in preseason
Apparently this guy has been put up for sale.
was it sale or just allowed to leave? If the latter it might be just to loan him.
I remember all the hype when we signed him. Sad

This poor kid wasn't even given a proper chance.
Am the only one that's really liked what I've seen so far from him in these last two games. A true fighter... Still very raw but kind of reminds me of Gattuso in terms of his tenacity... definitely needs more game time so do we loan him off again or keep him or do we just give up on him and sell him off?
I was a fan of the little we saw of him in his first season, was disappointed we didn't see more. Then saw very little of him at Empoli...
I think jose mauri is a good player, he is young, fast and has a good bait. Hopefully this season he gets a chance. SalamĀ Umroh Murah