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Week 4: Milan - Palermo (Saturday, September 19 - 20:45 CET)
Three games in and we only have three points so far. We need to start picking up more points ASAP if we want to improve upon our finish last season. The good news for us is that both Juventus and Napoli have also had slow starts so we aren't alone in this regard.

I believe that last season we split results evenly between Palermo, with the away team winning both fixtures. Both teams have undergone significant changes in preparation for this season so we can't really use anything from last season as a benchmark. Hopefully we can build on the positive aspects from the derby performance and turn it into 3 points. We dropped many points last season against teams that we really should be beating. Let's not continue this trend here.

Siamo a posto cosi.
We will kick their asses. I don't care if they have had 7 points by now, after the game, we will have 6.

4-1. Mark my words.
(09-15-2015, 05:41 PM)xudong Wrote: We will kick their asses. I don't care if they have had 7 points by now, after the game, we will have 6.

4-1. Mark my words.

Should I? What's your record in the prediction league like? Devilol Grinundwech
Siamo a posto cosi.
Hey! That's mean.  Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused

A good 4-0 display would get momentum going, this side showed it has something promising about it against inter
Hoping for a solid showing confirming what we saw in the derby. I want and expect a win, but I'm not expecting a complete blowout where we beat Palermo by 4 goals, they're a pretty decent team who have had a strong start this season (Carpi draw aside).
Although I agree there's a bit of a good momentum going on and we need to continue to build it, this game is totally different than the derby. Our aggressive pressing - close the space - pass quick worked then, but against Palermo Miha will have to work on a different formula. Preparing the right game plan is crucial. The rest lies on having the players properly execute it.

I expect Palermo to sit deep and be deadly on the counter. In the past this usually worried me as our defense didn't have the pace nor tactical discipline.

Romagnoli was great last week, but this weekend I expect our defense line would be higher so the offsite trap has to be neat and I don't know if he has the pace like Thiag Silva for that high defensive line.

With this kind of locked down defense opponent last year, we usually see our midfield pass the ball nervously and meaninglessly around the final third. One sloppy first touch from the midfielder and we'll see the opponent sparks a deadly counter. I'm hoping to see a more creative and courageous play from the midfielders, and the willingness to take that risk to make the defense splitting pass. And also the work rate to cover the defense.

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No Mexes, Antonelli, Niang, Menez, Bertolacci
Mexes out is no surprise. The other four are still nursing injuries so nothing can be done.
Miha already stated that he would stick with the team against Merda, meaning Honda gets to start again?

Keep waiting till he tries out Mauri and Suso.. I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer then....
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
I wish that Milan would sell Honda for cash and trade Liverpool Menez plus cash for Coutinho. I feel bad for Cerci and Niang seeing that they wouldn't play too much this season.

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