Tactics and Theorems
I thought it'd be a good to start a thread where we could post interesting articles/videos about tactics, systems and theories that we read on the Internet, since that is one constant topic of discussion here at MM.  

Read and interesting piece by Cruyff recently - http://cruyff.com/asp/eng/newsarticle.asp?refId=647906
Great idea, there's often excellent literature to share. I had a look at the Cruyff article and must say the point is valid, but the translation or the way it's written makes it really hard to understand. I had to read it a handful of times before I got what he meant (even then I'm not totally sure).

There's a couple of books I want to recommend here, because they are excellent in terms of depth and understanding of tactics.

The first is Inverting The Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics by Jonathan Wilson. It's a book which details the history of tactics in football and goes quite in depth about the influences of different eras in football. Jonathan Wilson is also an outstanding writer on the sport who contributes to many new outlets, notably Guardian.

The other is Soccer: Modern Tactics by Alessandro Zauli. This is a much more technical book, much more like a text book about different tactics in Italy, as well as contributions of some notable tacticians. It provides great depth about the subject and outlines drills that can be done in training to teach the systems. The English translation can be a little difficult to read at times, but the book is brilliant.

I will look to share other articles etc on a regular basis.
Inverting the Pyramind is my favorite book to read on planes. I must've devoured it at least 5 times. Especially the Milan parts Smile

Ancelotti has a book out too - il mio albero di natale - in which he goes in detail about the famous x'mas tree formation, but sadly that has not yet been translated.

If you read Italian I'd say give it a try and also the thesis that graduating managers submit in Coverciano are rather interesting too.

Here's an English translation of an excellent thesis by Sarri https://web.archive.org/web/201507211233...lator.com/
Brilliant thanks for sharing. I'm interested in seeing Sarri's ideas on football. Also, I've only read Inverted the Pyramid a couple of times, I tend to like to visit new stuff (there are sections I've read maybe 10 times though lol).

I really wanted to share a podcast on Beyond the Pitch with an American youth coach called Reed Maltbie:


His comments are really interesting, as he talks about how positive and negative communication can affect youth development. I certainly took a lot from it, I think partly I share similar opinion about how I want to communicate with my son as he grows. It all came from a Ted talk, which can be watched here:


I also think this can be applied to Milan too, as the constant criticism that surrounds the players at the club surely doesn't help them. While they're adults and probably less vulnerable than kids, certainly it's interesting how they might be affected. Especially young players coming through and players like DES who have suffered.
Usually I am not a fan of Ted talks but that was a very good talk. At the same time I feel this kind of mental development has to start much before they hit Primavera.

They must be doing something right however as we have produced plenty of good youth over the years but its their transition to the first team where we have lacked. Apart from Calabria & De Sciglio we haven't really had anyone else come through the ranks.

I just hope that they can manage it much better than our class of 98.
I agree, this is something that's key to kids even before they reach 10. I just thought it was a possible contributing factor to our own situation, even adults struggle to deal with criticism and there's been no shortage of that with the current Milan in recent years.

I don't really follow Ted talks either, I think it's an interesting medium to be heard, but really in this case it was the podcast that made me think it was worth seeing the talk.

Finally get a change now to read the Sarri thesis.
Great idea for a thread, thanks.
Wanted to share the second part of the podcast I shared yesterday:


This part's all about doping in football and sport in general. A really interesting discussion
I meant to share that as well. It really gets you thinking about whether all these revolutionary 90 minute non stop pressing teams are actually clean. I watched a bit of Celta Vigo vs Barcelona and if you saw those Celta players go.. It was insane!
Siamo a posto cosi.
Yeah, it definitely made me wonder while I was listening to it.