Pretty much what it says on the tin. We've had a habit of taking over the General discussion thread in the past, so I figured there's probably enough of us here interested in Gaming to warrant it's own thread.

I'm currently playing through Arkham Knight, which as a fan of Batman in general is right up my "crime alley" (lame, I know, but I couldn't help myself Big Grin ). Anyway, anyone who's played the Arkham games in the past will know exactly what this is about. An action adventure in an open world where you play as the dark knight. The new addition this time is the batmobile, which is kind of cool, but then it also transforms into a bat-tank, which imo is much less cool. I think the biggest detractor for me is at those times you don't feel much like Batman and the general gameplay for those bits is a little tedious and repetitive. However, I'm loving the rest of the game. I'm a fan of the other games (despite the annoying riddler trophies) and really for the most part this is a continuation of those games. I like the story quite a bit too so far.

The other game I've started today is Suikoden 2. I've mentioned this before as an apparent classic PSOne JRPG that many people (including myself) missed on account of Final Fantasy 8 being released around the same time. I'm only 2 and a half hours in (which given my limited time normally is a quite an achievement), but already see some of the elements that appeals about this game. The characters seem really interesting and are quite a likable group. However, I was more surprised that under the comic anime sheen, there appears to be some rather adult themes. The storyline is about a kingdom ravaged by war, where upon a peace treaty between the two warring nations, a massacre takes place by people who see an opportunity for personal gain. There's also more mature themes in some of the minor plot points, such as when a guard stops the group from passing a certain area, the most attractive lady in the group decides to bribe him to let them pass by having an "adult conversation" (to quote the lady). I'm playing this game on the PS library on the Playstation Store and believe it's a straight port of the classic PSOne game. That means the game looks dated, very dated, menus being clunky, the screen size in 4:3 aspect ratio and the visuals being traditional sprites, rather than 3D (actually sprites would probably look better now). Still, so far I'm really enjoying it and the story seems to be at the heart of the game, which I love. Great music too so far.

Very quick comment on Final Fantasy XV as it's been ages since I last commented on it, mostly because there's nothing really new. Episode Duscae 2.0 came out at some point (an update to the demo released with FF Type 0), which irons out some of the issues. Other than that, it's slim pickings, SquareEnix releasing a 2 part trailer over the past month or two, though it wasn't great and was actually met with much annoyance (mostly as it was just a father hugging his son in the first part and still no release date). The director has confirmed the game will come out 2016. However, the release date will be confirmed in March next year, so expect the game later that year. Other than that, the only news is you can ride chocobos and there's a fishing mini-game (as I said, slim pickings).
I'm currently playing Dota, GTA5, PES and NBA 2k16. It bugs me that I dont have that much time for games, and every single one of these games requires it.

btw here's my team in master league, after 2 and a half seasons:

Neymar --- R. Baggio --- Salah

Thiago --- Emerson --- Pogba

Babayaro --- Cordoba --- Staam --- Thuram

De Gea

contract negotiations are pretty bad in pes. for example, baggio wanted to renew at the beginning of the mercato, i asked him for a smaller wage increase than he wanted to and suddenly he stopped negotiating. i couldnt offer him anything, and now i expect to lose him as a free agent.
Baggio, stam and thuram?- Are regens appearing right away in the game?
yeah, theres an option when you start the master league. if you check it, the legends will be avaliable right away, as free agents. youll still have to pay for them, even if its not clear to whom Smile
i just remembered theres a specific thread about football games, so maybe reza should move these posts there
Thanks for mentioning that Stitch. I created a football gaming thread and this one separately as I expect much more activity regarding football games and figured other gaming conversations might be lost as a result. For example, Sony's Project Morpheus which is their foray in virtual reality tech, is now called Playstation VR and Sony have said they will treat it as a full console launch (though it needs PS4 to run). Lots of question marks around it, but general opinion I've been seeing is the tech is very impressive. There's also oculus rift, which was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion.

I'm also interested in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. It's a rhythm action game based on the Persona 4 universe, which normally wouldn't appeal to me as it's not a genre I usually take interest in. However, I've said numerous times how I completed P4 earlier this year and the game left a big mark on me. From what I understand, Dancing All Night is kind of a sequel, as it has a detailed continuation of the story, which is what appeals to me personally. I probably won't buy it, but maybe it'll be available on PS Plus.

Speaking of which, anyone here on PS Plus. I decided to have a look at my library of games and honestly didn't realise how many excellent titles I had. Honestly think I could go for years without buying a new game and would be very happy just playing those I have.
Anyone plays Diablo 3?
Having PS+ is mandatory to be able to play online on PS4 so I got it from the moment that I purchased the system. It's the best investment that I could have made. Plenty good free games which I intend on beating as soon as I have the time. I've barely purchased any titles for the system so far. The next thing that I'll probably buy is FFXV.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Can't say I've played Diablo 3, though a colleague of mine at work is really into it.

PS Plus is amazing value for money, I mean for my Playstation TV (don't own a Vita) I have Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Killzone mercenary and Street Fighter x Tekken to name just a few bigger games. It was actually both exciting/depressing looking through the list. Exciting obviously because there's just so many great games there, depressing as I'll probably never touch most of them.

Here's the PS Plus lineup for this month (I believe it's the same for all territories these days, but if someone can confirm it would help):

Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita)
Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita)
Unmechanical Extended (PS4/PS3)
Kickbeat (PS Vita/PS3)
Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PS3)
Chariot (PS3)

Broken Age is from Tim Schafer who's created numerous classic adventure titles, not my thing usually, but it's a pretty big deal. Super Meta Boy is the one I'm tempted to try, meant to be an awesome (although super difficult) 2D platformer.

Some more information released regarding this game. There appears to be a new battle mechanic which will also incorporate some of the old mechanic as well. Additionally this game will be releasing in episodes (hopefully not too far apart from each other) instead of one full release.

Incidentally, the PSN store is offering the original FFVII as a port and it's on sale in North America until December 12 I think so I bought it Big Grin
Siamo a posto cosi.
It's the best investment that I could have made.