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Ok this is really enough now, this is not a job for me maharaja.

-Two of the of the reported posts are older that the current issue and neither are addressed at you but at Berlusconi and/or Miha, you can report them but there is no way can play the victim card on them. 
-A third is also not directed at you in particular but I will add it to warnings. 
I want to check the full context of it all but not from anybody on the forum, I will ask my friend from another place to help me.
-The two other others you reported are the latest incident which Stitch has been warned about too. 

Case is closed, if my friend from other site tells me anything new I will post here but otherwise the only thing left for me is to add the line or two I have in mind to the site rules.
Since you are not going to do anything about this, and we all knew that because Stitch is your friend, let's repeat once again what happened, so that the future readers will know, and that your attempts to move everything from one thread to another is futile.

Stitch has a history of swearing, cursing and trying to spread ethnic hatred. On the balkan part of the forum he wrote:

post #11,831
06-05-2015, 11:23 AM

"E pa jebo mu ja majku četničku, FUJ, nadam se da nije istina, pa nemoguće da ću onog arkanovca primitivnog zatucanog morati gledati na klupi Milana. JEBEM TI MAJKU BERLUSKONI "

Free translation:

"I f#ck his Chetnik mother, FUJ, i hope it is not true, it is impossible that I will have to watch that primitive akranavac on the Milan's bench. I f#ck your mother Berlusconi"

Using words such as Chetnik at the Balkan forum is very poisonous, and insulting. Other members, of course, told him what they think about that:

For example, post n. 11839 by "Red and black fan" is very telling:

"Stich, na balkanskom forumu treba biti velika budala da tako nešto napišeš, bravo za tebe."

"Stich, on the balkan forum you should be a great fool to write something like that, bravo for you"

Luckily, his poisonous words were isolated, and he was unable to spread hatred, which would be devastating for this forum because there are people from many different Balkan nations, posting there, despite the tragic past.

Several other times Stitch has used words such as Chetnik, or Cetalj, and these posts are reported as well. Unfortunately, the administrator did not react to this.

For example,
post #1244 09-22-2015, 10:21 PM

" otpustiti četalja i biće to ok "

Free translation:

"Fire Chetnik and it will be ok"

Stitch has a history of similar posts in the English part of the forum as well. For example:
just randomly calling the head coach "f#scist" (see post n. 4 at Sinisa Mihajlovic thread)

The last incident happened when Stitch, clearly being allowed to do whatever he wants, insulted me personally.

On the match thread (NOT on some random thread unrelated to the core of this forum, but on the match thread) he wrote:

"F#ck you too, f#scist"

This was immediately reported to the administrator. Yet again, nothing happened.

Not only that Stitch was allowed to curse other members, he was allowed to insult them as well, by calling them f#acists

From the very beginning, the administrator did not want to do anything about that, despite all the facts and efforts to point out to what has happened. Stitch is his buddy, protected and allowed to insult whoever he wants.

Despite all my attempts to keep this civil, and not to insult Stitch back, the administrator did not do anything. There are clear double standards here, and it is important that all visitors of this forum can read it.
dude im laughing my ass off at every single of your posts 2: dont you understand that this is a private forum and that owner can do whatever he wants, without having to explain anything to anyone? theres no right and wrong, theres only what the owner is willing to do. poor reza iz trying his best to be fair, but even if he chooses to ban everyone, there's nothing you or me can do about it. its his property, just like every other forum is someones property. your persistance on something so trivial as banning someone you dont know on some internet forum is borderline stupid. seriously, wtf is wrong with you? if you got something to say to me, feel free to pm, we can insult each other to death, just let the good owner of the hook. im not sure why he is trying to reason with you when you have chosen to be unreasonable on purpose. im tempted to say a lot more but i wont, not because i care about ban, but out of respect for reza and everything hes been doing here over the years.
No Stitch, I am not going to insult you, as you wanted. I am not going to lower myself to that level, so well known to you
thats all you had to say to my post? Icon_lol2
There is nothing else to say to a person with that style of communication. Even that was too much.
reasonable, as always  Okmilan
OMG just catching up on some drama here Big Grin
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