[split] Rules and bans Discussion
What other members think of Stitch's posts to use terms such as "chetnik" and "f#ck his chetnik mother" was said in the Balkans thread. For example, post n. 11839 by "Red and black fan" is very telling:

"Stich, na balkanskom forumu treba biti velika budala da tako nešto napišeš, bravo za tebe."

"Stich, on the balkan forum you should be a great fool to write something like that, bravo for you"

Luckily, his poisonous words were isolated, and he was unable to spread hatred, which would be devastating for this forum because there are people from many different Balkan nations, posting there, despite the tragic past.
Ok maharaja, this is going too far, I am not going to accept bringing other people into this, report offensive posts if you wish but picking one just to prove something, no not going to happen. What Red and black fan posted has zero to do with this, if you think it has you are wrong, simple as that.

A warning then ban system exists for offensive words and insults and I am using it as best as I can, discussion over. I am not going to reply to this 'protection' nonsense anymore either. 

@ZB, never mind, it's fine whatever it was.
Good, now you have at least 5 of his posts that are reported. Just so that you have it, although nothing will happen, as usual.

You can end this discussion as much as you like, the facts remain. As all the insults Stitch said, and was protected.
Looking at reported posts, thanks for them.

That protected word needs to be censored too I think, one of the most unfounded, untrue things on a forum in a long time. Also if I was really doing it I would have banned you already for being against him
Censor whatever you want. And ban whoever you want, from the recent practice, it is irrelevant anyway.
I guess you had enough time to look at the reported posts? When will this guy be banned for cursing, insulting other members, and spreading ethnic hatred?
Reza lives in a different time-zone, he's probably sleeping or at work now.

And honestly mate, I really didn't want to get into the middle of this, and even-though you probably "have a case" here, but you're simply taking this too far.
Accusing everybody that they're against you and protecting other members is absurd. and seriously every time you post you're showing signs of personal grudge rather than this being because of an insult or whatever.
If the administrator reacted as he should have, by protecting me from these insults, there would be no need for such posts. Everything after just showed that he is only interested in protecting a guy who called me 'f#ascist', with f### you in addition.
We already established that fact in the 23 posts you made explaining this. that wasn't my point.

Also, everybody agreed that this was wrong and Stitch was issued an official warning.. furthermore, Reza agreed to also review all of the reported posts which takes time and effort translating those posts.

The more we talk about this, the less your point becomes valid.
Good, then let's hope that the administrator will do something about this established fact. I am not going to just drop it.

And the facts about what happened should be repeated again and again, to counter all the attempts to spin this and show it as nothing important.