Poll: Given our terrible start, where do you think we'll most likely end up at the end of the season?
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1 9.09%
Europa League
5 45.45%
Mid-Table, out of Europe
5 45.45%
0 0%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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Week 8: Torino - Milan (Saturday, October 17 - 20:45 CET)
Hope otherwise but that 11 seems very wrong
Bacca should at least start, or playing on the left, why Cerci?

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Bacca is probably tired after international duty with Colombia. Not sure when exactly he returned to Italy but that is a long trip.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Post your ratings in the "player ratings" thread after the game please. I am keeping a running spreadsheet of the votes and will post the updated version of it there this week!
we love awesome links in the states pleaseeeeeee
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
Why does Alex get the nod ahead of Ely? That is bogus as Ely had a pretty good game last time around. Honestly, they appear to truly be our best defenders. Alex is too slow but i guess his experience could help shore things up back there???
Dai ragazziiii! FORZA MILAN!
I think Miha's trying to protect Ely. There was a lot of criticism of him post Napoli. Interesting lineup, I assume we'll set up with 4-3-3. Not a fan of Cerci playing, but I understand to have him, he's a runner and one who in the past has shown the ability to take on opponents, though he's nothing like that these days, he runs and we're lucky if he controls the ball. Thing is, Honda or Suso could be used, but you look through the side and there's no one who can inject same pace.

I think we need a decent performance showing personality. This team needs confidence.
Monti nice tackle, but kicked in the head. Bertolacci....diving?